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Re: I can pretty comfortably say that Baby Blue is Big 3 good

Originally Posted by MistreatedLewis View Post
Without having to fear that I will look foolish a year or three from now like when I said Dreamgirl might be the next Crush or EWU the next Ants ()

Seriously, I couldn't imagine Dave writing anything this lush and gorgeous at this point for this album. I don't think most of the album is Big 3 good, but this particular track definitely knocks me off my legs.

Nice job Dave.
Agree completely. Just a very beautiful song.

I am also curious, what are your thoughts on Squirm? Been reading some of your review threads/thoughts and haven't seen much mention of it. I think this song is also Big 3 caliber, and even BTCS sounding, musically and lyrically.
Originally Posted by dmbbearcat View Post
Dave Matthews was never great at writing sets, it just used to not matter because they never had any bad songs prior to 2001.
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