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Re: Rank the Big Whiskey Songs

So after tallying votes on the first page, cuz it takes too long and too many people are incapable of ranking BWGGK songs (ie.leaving some out, adding songs that don't exist, etc...) here's a rough ranking. It would probably change if I had the patience to take all the rankings (favorite to least) into account:

Lying In The Hands Of God
(Grux) Shake Me Like A Monkey
Why I Am
Alligator Pie
Time Bomb
Space Man
Baby Blue
Dive In
You and Me
Funny The Way It Is

I'm still clueless as to why a lot of people chose to put Baby Blue in the bottom...I think people's interpretation of the song may be incorrect. It's definitely about Roi, which I guess is why I put it in my top each their own.
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