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Re: Rank the Big Whiskey Songs

Here's Mine As Of Today:

1. Funny The Way It Is - It jumps, it rocks and rolls, pure Dave Matthews Band, love it. Love that they opened N2 at Hartford with it.
2. Dive In - Love it, love the lyrics, the music, it's great.
3. Alligator Pie - Wish it was about a minute longer, but what's there is great.
4. Why I Am - Grows on me, sort of like Big Whiskey's Tripping Billies.
5. Lying In The Hands Of God - Beautiful music.
6. Spaceman - Wasn't high on the list at first but is also growing on me, I really like it.
7. Time Bomb - Awesome live but the 'JeSuUuSsSs' at the end makes me cringe for some reason and then the out of tune chord at the very end makes it feel like a throwaway song in those last seconds. The transition from quiet to hard could've been done in a more awesome manner perhaps. Maybe it is #1 if we are talking live songs, but I'm talking studio cuts.
8. Shake Me Like A Monkey - The Rapunzel lyrics to start off the album are : 'Look so good I want to eat you up,' maybe girls like that shit better. The transition from Grux is the sickest we've ever heard though.
9. Squirm - The first time I heard this song it felt like a worm was boring it's way through the tip of my big toe right before the final part where everything goes quiet and then the drums kick in. I was driving and it made me freak out, that scared me and since then I've avoided it. I played this song at a party where people were drinking and wouldn't have heard it yet and people had some fuckin' weird cringing freaking out reactions cause they were all drunk and under the power of the SQUIRM LEECH BORING IT'S WAY INTO YOUR BODY FROM THE TIP OF YOUR BIG TOE. Scary shit man.
10. Baby Blue - I like it, it reminds of a pink floyd song that I can't quite pick out. It is light but at the same time there is something omnious about it in one or more of the chords.
11. Seven - I guess this is good cause it is in 7/4 time, Dave's singing and lyrics is just kinda annoying: 'Love you love you love you you you you.' Gimme a break man. It'll probably grow on me though.
12. You And Me - 'You and me together! We're gonna fly!' A big slice of cheese. It is like Dave's song about his happiness family, can't relate to it.
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