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Re: Rank the Big Whiskey Songs

9. Squirm - The first time I heard this song it felt like a worm was boring it's way through the tip of my big toe right before the final part where everything goes quiet and then the drums kick in. I was driving and it made me freak out, that scared me and since then I've avoided it. I played this song at a party where people were drinking and wouldn't have heard it yet and people had some fuckin' weird cringing freaking out reactions cause they were all drunk and under the power of the SQUIRM LEECH BORING IT'S WAY INTO YOUR BODY FROM THE TIP OF YOUR BIG TOE. Scary shit man.

Originally Posted by Utopia View Post
Step away from the acid...
Yeah, I was gonna say the same thing lol

Thats the weirdest criticism I've seen about Squirm

Milenk, all I gotta say is keep listening to Squirm and Seven because maybe one listen it will click for you like it did for me. Two best songs on the album IMO
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