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Re: Ants Podcast

Originally Posted by mja271 View Post
I like the podcast alot. Question: Is Eh Hee really pronounced the way Matt said it on the show. I always pronounce it "A"(as in the letter A) Hee not "E" Hee, the way that he says it. Just curious how it is said. Great job on the podcast though.
"Eeee hee" is how Dave pronounced it after the first full band performance of it.

I must say, though, it's great that you guys (Matt and Jake) still have such enthusiasm about the band even after all these years and all the shit you go through. You may not see as many shows as other people do from year to year, but it really is great that you still put in so much work for the whole production that is
"People ask us all the time...."What's your favorite place to play?" Now, you got your Gorges and you got your Red Rocks and so on, but there's an inexplicable magic that envelopes Alpine Valley. The band is the first to tell you how much they like coming back."

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