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DMB2004-07-13.akg481.shnf (Eric Naylor)

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Dave Matthews Band
Six Flags Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien, NY

Taper: Eric Naylor
Source: AKG 480/ck61 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DA-P1
Setup: 5th row, right stack, 15' stand, A-B mics
Conversion: Tascam DA-20MKII > Audiophile 2496

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 Donít Drink the Water
d1t03 Donít Burn the Pig
d1t04 One Sweet World
d1t05 Hello Again
d1t06 Crush
d1t07 Song That Jane Likes
d1t08 Sugar Will
d1t09 Too Much

d2t01 Recently
d2t02 Rhyme & Reason >
d2t03 Good Good Time
d2t04 The Space Between
d2t05 Crazy-Easy
d2t06 Warehouse
d2t07 What Would You Say
d2t08 Joy Ride >
d2t09 Ants Marching
d2t10 E: Tripping Billies

Entire set with Butch Taylor on keys.
There were fireworks being launched from the theme park during the latter part of the set. They lasted for several songs and may be audible during the quieter parts.

Compiled by Eric Naylor

32ebddf26b9edeefcc785da927680c9d *dmb2004-07-13-d1t09.shn
a4f7866c25a83e95d511928d3b1f19f2 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t01.shn
0995a897b3c991727b07fe84eedc8662 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t02.shn
d625487ab3532847e92d164ac3edf003 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t03.shn
765794f3e032ec1e189b82fbcd99a308 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t04.shn
b1cd1c0ee3a01bf8b884a78d2ea4d75e *dmb2004-07-13-d1t05.shn
4433a60d1f56726a81b965b6cd75cfef *dmb2004-07-13-d1t06.shn
af78de24a5045038025d28b69f80a019 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t07.shn
360641e3ce58f692489ae4112e011f19 *dmb2004-07-13-d1t08.shn
4f1005a0a63c1c979255ca22ff9d9044 *dmb2004-07-13-d2t10.shn
d04a4965069d29606ec92e6081ba25ea *dmb2004-07-13-d2t01.shn
f11ca9a736d9516e1b64306377d93c96 *dmb2004-07-13-d2t02.shn
9e13323c4cf570d25532743d1c342c2d *dmb2004-07-13-d2t03.shn
cfa88982c4ae8fb7545d8610f02dd603 *dmb2004-07-13-d2t04.shn
80cf0215b3724f25a00d6a15a64b3c5c *dmb2004-07-13-d2t05.shn
10454c12499528655ee0746af4b245b5 *dmb2004-07-13-d2t06.shn
ff9f6945ee58ce8eb3aabd837df8df45 *dmb2004-07-13-d2t07.shn
e493151f2e5aba12f55694ed2ae691ea *dmb2004-07-13-d2t08.shn
137bea1dcc141bdcabd2ff80b0b2963e *dmb2004-07-13-d2t09.shn

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