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Re: The Marijuana Smoker's Thread (Part2)

Originally Posted by skwormin View Post
I'm so sick of never being able to talk to chicks.

Even my parents are like texting me and shit "meet any nice girls yet?"

like, this is fucking depressing. It's ALL I can think about lately and it is terrible

And the weed doesn't help. I think i seriously have some kind of anxiety or something.
When I smoke I cannot talk to anyone I don't know really well. I just get really shy (on top of my super shy self) and bottle myself up in the corner of a room or something.

Ahh idk. fml man only Mary understands me
Heard that. I live at home because I'm an idiot and screwed up at school. There is no way of meeting chicks here at home. Everyone I know here I went to high school with, and that's about all this town has to offer. Sucks. That's why I get high.
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