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Firedancer Truss Rod Cover

Guitar players-
Just stumbled upon this. L9, L10, and L13 are all fire dancer truss rod covers. This guy has some really neat inlays.
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    water into wine
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    Re: Firedancer Truss Rod Cover

    Those are pretty cool. Not for me though. I feel any sticker of another band or something like those covers would automatically be used as an indicator by others that that's who I'm trying to be as a musician.
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    You Never Know
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    Re: Firedancer Truss Rod Cover

    Nice find. These look pretty cool
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    Re: Firedancer Truss Rod Cover

    bought L10 a while ago on indian rosewood for my 314ce. really well done piece and looks classy, simple and understated on my guitar. would recommend bill 100x over, although this is the only thing I have ordered myself or seen in person
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    Re: Firedancer Truss Rod Cover

    I have a Nichols Truss Rod cover and Pick Guard on my GS Mini.

    Quality stuff.
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