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DMB2023-07-28.at853.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 28, 2023
iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre
West Palm Beach, Florida

Taper: Mark Terrell
Location: Stage Right venue support beam, if it was a seat it would be at Section 7, Row J,
Seat 31 if there was a seat there but that spot is empty for the beam. Literally the row at
the back of the club seats. 12' high.
Source: Audio Technica 853s (w/ 4.7k mod) > Tascam DR-05X (24/48)
Lineage: WAV > Audacity 2.3.2 (Gain, Mixing, Normalizing, Fades, Tracking) > FLAC (Level 8)

01. Introduction
02. So Much to Say >
03. Anyone Seen the Bridge >
04. Too Much
05. Busted Stuff
06. Seven
07. Walk Around the Moon
08. Funny the Way It Is
09. Lying in the Hands of God >
10. American Baby Intro
11. Break Free
12. Pantala Naga Pampa >
13. Rapunzel
14. Digging a Ditch
15. The Song That Jane Likes
16. Madman's Eyes (Fake) >
17. So Damn Lucky
18. Monsters
19. Help Myself
20. Looking for a Vein
21. Grey Street
22. What You Are
23. Two Step
24. Encore Break
25. Baby Blue
26. Jimi Thing
27. Brick House

Dave Matthews Band:
Dave Matthews - Guitar, Lead Vocals
Tim Reynolds - Electric Guitar
Stefan Lessard - Bass
Buddy Strong - Keyboards, Vocals
Rashawn Ross - Trumpet, Vocals
Jeff Coffin - Saxophone, Flute
Carter Beauford - Drums

Another year in West Palm Beach and a great night 1 show. I taped in the same spot as
2022 with good results and I'm happy with both the location and sound there. I ran at
12 feet and had no issues with the big fans, surprisingly. Zach Mohney, who I tape with
in West Palm, passed away following the Clarkston show so it was a bummer to not be able
to link up to tape and hang out as usual for all of the Florida shows. RIP to a kind soul.
Robert Taylor, who I taped with at Raleigh 2022, was in for the shows and pulled some
great tapes, including the spot opposite mine (other support beam on other side) for N1.

Thanks to the West Palm Beach venue for being accomodating and kind to tapers.
Shout out to Noam Yemini, who we missed at the shows this year - still supporting from afar!
Thank you to Ryan Jonik from for the gear.
Thank you to Tommy from the DMB sound team for his constant support of the DMB taping scene.

Compiled by Mark Terrell on 2023/08/06.

2a47cc103b3b96c37331a44c0006fd1d *dmb2023-07-28.at853.flac16.txt
7578e9dfb12b8c8115b0300734a2dcbb *dmb2023-07-28t01.flac
7e4bb78711a130d4385d5f1b22355e2b *dmb2023-07-28t02.flac
212e4c2518ea923e62a452e369024403 *dmb2023-07-28t03.flac
e1b3bed3ccf7665b3208e4bce4b5c8c3 *dmb2023-07-28t04.flac
45fc0c61c1517f545c20541f28bb73ea *dmb2023-07-28t05.flac
0a1cd582e95d469ad7efb1d631faa2c7 *dmb2023-07-28t06.flac
2081ea29aed7209f50a2107404772ffc *dmb2023-07-28t07.flac
41bdbbeab35b901f7122175c8863b8a4 *dmb2023-07-28t08.flac
de20265c4c2b65430239ee57a94146a0 *dmb2023-07-28t09.flac
8ca53992a3d4cc858a94f1cda1c381d5 *dmb2023-07-28t10.flac
ddd5d85cbdcd76d1e004a832fa3b87e1 *dmb2023-07-28t11.flac
78e67e3e299c2fe5e885de24db4a3935 *dmb2023-07-28t12.flac
fd6a103625e55b4f0447c3673d56e8f6 *dmb2023-07-28t13.flac
d73958ca2ab7b4d10ab58f26bdc4fc75 *dmb2023-07-28t14.flac
3846bbb390e1a64620f5d897e8eae968 *dmb2023-07-28t15.flac
85360c0b4ebad63c213f4626b8849781 *dmb2023-07-28t16.flac
dd7964c29d0a0db51e3c69524bd47a6c *dmb2023-07-28t17.flac
e505e6a32e230fb9d78917c14965cd4a *dmb2023-07-28t18.flac
c0f6979435901a2c602615fa03c1c389 *dmb2023-07-28t19.flac
efa3012e6320c02de1c98cbdb43625b4 *dmb2023-07-28t20.flac
ae63b1d0e33512c73c8bc7021550e9a3 *dmb2023-07-28t21.flac
c7a5bdfdd75ef91777849d1397db81c2 *dmb2023-07-28t22.flac
9e1aea92ab2c8a1b17a61caf355f2c63 *dmb2023-07-28t23.flac
ab821afd6a5719444a63177668d62261 *dmb2023-07-28t24.flac
f2072ecbdacbb708aac9bc2fd7b24e71 *dmb2023-07-28t25.flac
ed98446646d0831890c9804585139caa *dmb2023-07-28t26.flac
4831fd7aac9c4f108f9fee4f81a52bc7 *dmb2023-07-28t27.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2023-07-28.at853.flac16 (Mark Terrell)

    Thank you so much!
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