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DMB2023-11-17.u89s.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
2023/11/17 - Madison Square Garden, New York City, NY

Source: Neumann U89s (Subcard) > Lunatec V3 > Sound Devices 788t (24/96) > Sox Resample (44.1/16)
Location: Back of Pit, Stage Right

01: Intro
02: Virginia In The Rain
03: Old Dirt Hill
04: Straight Shot
05: Madman's Eyes
06: The Best Of What's Around
07: She
08: Walk Around The Moon
09: The Weight [1]
10: All Along The Watchtower [1,2]
11: Lie In Our Graves [2]
12: Spaceman
13: #41 [3]
14: Come Together [4]
15: Jimi Thing > Brick House [4,5]
16: Warehouse [5]
17: Cry Freedom
18: Pig
19: So Damn Lucky
20: Encore Break
21: Just Breathe [6]
22: Pantala Naga Pampa >
23: Rapunzel
21: Pantala Naga Pampa

[1] - Susan Tedeschi
[2] - Derek Trucks
[3] - James Genus
[4] - Trombone Shorty
[5] - Jon Faddis
[6] - Dave Solo

dmb2023-11-17t01 Intro.flac:defcd2cfc85798d885f38e9b55358809
dmb2023-11-17t02 Virginia In The Rain.flac:b7d2b1b4430773bfef18b8c5afe1ef47
dmb2023-11-17t03 Old Dirt Hill.flac:f739c29fa92413604c4d41e24c6e23a9
dmb2023-11-17t04 Straight Shot.flac:20d723ccc2a24a70ca3ec9ee1d035945
dmb2023-11-17t05 Madman's Eyes.flac:c768ab30827215d186e9e1487e9e3766
dmb2023-11-17t06 The Best of What's Around.flac:29e614e5f1453f0068910b5cb3724105
dmb2023-11-17t07 She.flac:986b092e6ff6f5e2219f1857f89bdb3e
dmb2023-11-17t08 Walk Around The Moon.flac:ff866c703d41b71bba3eea6c2b42c376
dmb2023-11-17t09 The Weight.flac:0811d1c2e0b2eb0351f0f1a1f505c48e
dmb2023-11-17t10 All Along The Watchtower.flac:3d783b4b18ab16b11a419e464e9d44f2
dmb2023-11-17t11 Lie In Our Graves.flac:4bb2a9d784ae1bb43a07557cf5dd546c
dmb2023-11-17t12 Spaceman.flac:15d784a716b88394205826b6a6106dd5
dmb2023-11-17t13 41.flac:50a3ac56f24d5391715ef7c36d698fd2
dmb2023-11-17t14 Come Together.flac:75a8c11adaa13c3154998b2e2597b6d7
dmb2023-11-17t15 Jimi Thing.flac:68583486d1713d858ae4852fa1e037ab
dmb2023-11-17t16 Warehouse.flac:90c62d082f291929259f63d505489ec2
dmb2023-11-17t17 Cry Freedom.flac:13b7e8e30e8fc3cb8bef49f44db65375
dmb2023-11-17t18 Pig.flac:805055185cc03364ee3fba2170e2c11a
dmb2023-11-17t19 So Damn Lucky.flac:7f96147d0584594059f980978f1a210e
dmb2023-11-17t20 Encore Break.flac:e9d29e0668ebe2e15e060a41104dd302
dmb2023-11-17t21 Just Breathe.flac:76ea06e7812ccd821715f11ca9fb58e8
dmb2023-11-17t22 Pantala Naga Pampa.flac:73c036c6e7be4058a234aa583c935e2b
dmb2023-11-17t23 Rapunzel.flac:0bb62b320860c0ac1a1621f1bb873d70

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2023-11-17.u89s.flac16 (Unknown)

    hopefully a better sounding version will appear.
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