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DMB2024-04-24.SennheiserAMBEO.flac16 (Greg Valiquette)

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Dave Matthews Band
Royal Albert Hall
London, UK
April 24, 2024

SOURCE: Sennheiser AMBEO > USB-C > MacBook Air > RX10 (Fades, EQ) > FLAC

Taped by: Greg Valiquette (thriftynomad).

Location: Arena E, Row 13, Seat 27. 13th-row floor, stage-right on the aisle. Mics mounted on backpack in the aisle unobstructed.

01 Introduction
02 One Sweet World
03 The Dreaming Tree
04 Madman's Eyes
05 Virginia In The Rain
06 Best Of What's Around
07 Walk Around The Moon
08 So Much To Say
09 Anyone Seen The Bridge
10 Too Much
11 Crush Intro
12 Crush
13 So Damn Lucky
14 American Baby Intro
15 Break Free
16 Funny The Way It Is
17 Satellite
18 Jimi Thing
19 Kill The Preacher
20 Why I Am
21 Don't Drink The Water

22 Encore Break
23 Grey Street

NOTES: Everyone on the floor was on their feet for the whole show. More crowd noise than the Euro shows last week but nothing too close to the mics.

a588de1c99a38aa7570589e48ff0acd7 *01 Introduction.flac
e1241ec4abb86abca89f702b0b2391d0 *02 One Sweet World.flac
68906c709b5567ed003447c94e54c7d7 *03 The Dreaming Tree.flac
199201dace964abd8a87aa28953f3267 *04 Madman's Eyes.flac
636f04bebe0c11acf4a0a36fa6e28f53 *05 Virginia In The Rain.flac
e879c631dcf0f07d05e8b211c522957c *06 Best Of What's Around.flac
159f2cded986518639b9a0faf371f021 *07 Walk Around The Moon.flac
5e09e0921a8532bfc384b63349a10cb5 *08 So Much To Say.flac
6bd207fae56ab822c8f0f63383d33cca *09 Anyone Seen The Bridge.flac
369eda0cdb58704249bf5b76bc96d6c4 *10 Too Much.flac
e9f877bc74405eebe728941354f282c8 *11 Crush Intro.flac
e32c9264f6682a857a9ab1095e1ec0e7 *12 Crush.flac
94bdb6d64bc295321f0497da41af2a63 *13 So Damn Lucky.flac
630b9fc2205513c308197ea4fd60d954 *14 American Baby Intro.flac
72f1a323132d609a665d54c140e61d82 *15 Break Free.flac
5c5085416d3b6dac8b9ff183fa1e86dd *16 Funny The Way It Is.flac
da9b654723cf5da6d80eedffe4d28b2c *17 Satellite.flac
2be5619c46a063ab339f00e398ecc394 *18 Jimi Thing.flac
3556ba41fba9a40a3896ee79f774ebf1 *19 Kill The Preacher.flac
e4a62eb0803de222e931ddfbbeb9aaf0 *20 Why I Am.flac
bdd36f22f2976c09d8463fb40d133f23 *21 Don't Drink The Water.flac
23b3d556899f832f8ef4fb1ae4515c26 *22 Encore Break.flac
61b530d3c47aef52df644d3f2156641c *23 Grey Street.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2024-04-24.SennheiserAMBEO.flac16 (Greg Valiquette)

    Thank you!
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    Re: DMB2024-04-24.SennheiserAMBEO.flac16 (Greg Valiquette)

    Awesome Thanks!
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    Re: DMB2024-04-24.SennheiserAMBEO.flac16 (Greg Valiquette)

    I cant seem to get this going I'm probably doing something wrong
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