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DMB2024-05-01.SennheiserAMBEO.flac16 (Greg Valiquette)

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Dave Matthews Band
Forest National
Brussels, Belgium
May 1, 2024

SOURCE: Sennheiser AMBEO > Apogee MetaRecorder > RX10 (Fades, EQ) > FLAC

Taped by: Greg Valiquette (thriftynomad).

Location: Section 107, Row 5 (about 30 rows from the right stack). Mics hung from railing.

01 Introduction
02 Pantala Naga Pampa
03 Rapunzel
04 Stolen Away At 55th And 3rd
05 Idea Of You
06 Walk Around The Moon
07 Stay Or Leave
08 Madman's Eyes
09 So Much To Say
10 Anyone Seen The Bridge
11 Too Much
12 27
13 Seven
14 So Damn Lucky
15 Straight Shot
16 Drive In Drive Out
17 Typical Situation
18 Dancing Nancies
19 Warehouse
20 Two Step

21 Encore Break
22 Dreamgirl
23 So Right

NOTES: After so many nice venues on this tour... yikes! Ironic given the pretty venue name, but this place is an old concrete tomb and the echo was brutal. I actually fashioned a surround for the mics to block some of the echo from the back of the hall. The tape sounds better than it did live! Otherwise, nice and clear... mics were hung up so no talkers/clappers, etc. This is worth it for the Two Step alone.

639ed08f61a03a260c06b31c8f2b22a1 *01 Introduction.flac
6627641472a0f2732ab485512a79a691 *02 Pantala Naga Pampa.flac
be607dde48720cd63eb49db0c07b6359 *03 Rapunzel.flac
c809464cca48afddb2306df73c56499c *04 Stolen Away At 55th And 3rd.flac
a03b39ca042e4a8758cd609816acc93a *05 Idea Of You.flac
f7b58b201b1a1ac805e172f79707022d *06 Walk Around The Moon.flac
ecaa92cdfc198a670370eccf8786b0ae *07 Stay Or Leave.flac
8427b15f75d7e648a86b75d0a782f969 *08 Madman's Eyes.flac
dbf357143c9211b99ce701ddd14f9875 *09 So Much To Say.flac
b7074a81be11b3b379e456258931bc50 *10 Anyone Seen The Bridge.flac
eb6d337a732456facaa6c7f1e0f3e0de *11 Too Much.flac
9d1616fbe5f72bec2e061d21d17f1e0f *12 27.flac
696c7342eb0c178c25f3fd590f5a0dd3 *13 Seven.flac
56f9facad91e0282dbaf26090140ce63 *14 So Damn Lucky.flac
84f619a617e51b79f2d6f364bf0df231 *15 Straight Shot.flac
fb5f61507723bf933dbed43372ea08b9 *16 Drive In Drive Out.flac
841b49750c5ec010966e3c28e0d6860e *17 Typical Situation.flac
c24d23b8598caa7bf77a02c46d513ae8 *18 Dancing Nancies.flac
09d85bcadd40766847db4e1950e157ff *19 Warehouse.flac
9d575aef177ee09236277c510195d11d *20 Two Step.flac
c84daf06d5fa55d5498aab8bc000c678 *21 Encore Break.flac
875da22594b6ed1b952bd655af75938b *22 Dreamgirl.flac
8ed47e5c363042564ae2b9b05d3b6001 *23 So Right.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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