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DMB2024-05-25.dpa4015.flac16 (Mike Vernal)

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Dave Matthews Band
iTHINK Financial Amphitheatre, West Palm Beach, FL
May 25, 2024

Source: DPA 4015s > Sonosax M2D2 (24/96) > Graphic EQ + Normalization [1]
Taper: Mike Vernal
Location: Stage Right Pit, Stack Tape

Set I:
01: Intro
02: Pantala Naga Pampa >
03: Pig
04: Fool In The Rain
05: Dreaming Tree
06: #27
07: The Only Thing
08: What Would You Say
09: Walk Around The Moon
10: You Might Die Trying

Set II: [2]
11: Intro
12: When The World Ends
13: So Damn Lucky
14: The Ocean And The Butterfly
15: Crush
16: The Last Stop
17: Sledgehammer
18: Cry Freedom
19: Rapunzel [1]

[1] - The recorder paused just after Cry Freedom; the first half of this source is
Mark Terrell & Henry Hart's (CAFS Omnis > Tuscan DR-05X, Lawn, Dead Center).
The second half is the original source.

[2] - Because of weather, the show was paused for about an hour, leading to two sets
and no encores.

dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t01 Set I Intro.flac:e59a02a8b81abbfba5068a6f5c9df037
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t02 Pantala Naga Pampa.flac:25e0defc49c50a96469792fc2ae07a89
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t03 Pig.flac:46122ddfdb746cb68159f49e4c773d57
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t04 Fool In The Rain.flac:64cfb773ae0d4071126cdbdf075adb45
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t05 Dreaming Tree.flac:3b52c691d7787581d80a78dd8abeb5dc
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t06 #27.flac:9ae3750fff8f8ec01eb2cc5488488375
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t07 The Only Thing.flac:45ff4a9cba36da3ba1327acd937f4aba
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t08 What Would You Say.flac:92072d05091938596a0370faa11171dd
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t09 Walk Around The Moon.flac:811593743694778339a084c9ac218705
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t10 You Might Die Trying.flac:99788f46a01bbca0cbb998abc73402c6
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t11 Set II Intro.flac:3d5d57fd0dc9871e683858ba32b979cd
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t12 When The World Ends.flac:e011fd7383f75a736265cbe2ddee16fa
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t13 So Damn Lucky.flac:63591960dcd1d35ea56b21948a75ce5b
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t14 The Ocean And The Butterfly.flac:ddca28e1c3546189c3038f52e45a24e5
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t15 Crush.flac:49eb4213411aa294d4a17778ee69fb75
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t16 The Last Stop.flac:2e0ef34f85679ffaba15b89aa51510ba
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t17 Sledgehammer.flac:df4d42a1f1b4e922af8ba4faaa85ded4
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t18 Cry Freedom.flac:92d58235f6981ef96741e6225d5a05f9
dmb2024-05-25.dpa4015.m2d2.t19 Rapunzel.flac:5d522a141701b5a1281f0fa813ded4e7

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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