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DMB2005-09-07.ka200n.flac16 (Ryan Hoyt)

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Dave Matthews Band
Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre
Bonner Springs, KS
September 7th, 2005

Taper: Ryan Hoyt ( )
Equipment: mbho 603/ka200n > mp-2 > mod sbm-1 @ 44.1 > d100
Location: Section 3, Row A, Stand at 9 feet, mics AB
DAT > SHN: d8 > Aopen aw-850 > CDWave > flac

*** Please do not trade in lossy formats such as MP3 ***

d01 - 61:49.60
d01t01 Intro 01:57.07
d01t02 Pantala Naga Pampa > 00:40.10
d01t03 Rapunzel 08:50.18
d01t04 Dream Girl 09:28.25
d01t05 Granny 06:04.48
d01t06 Louisiana Bayou 09:35.24
d01t07 Grey Street 05:47.46
d01t08 Everybody Wake Up 06:47.74
d01t09 Say Goodbye 07:22.13
d01t10 Hunger For The Great Light 05:16.20

d02 - 71:59.56
d02t01 Jimi Thing @ 19:56.59
d02t02 American Baby Intro 07:57.54
d02t03 Smooth Rider 06:40.41
d02t04 Too Much 06:13.01
d02t05 You Might Die Trying 05:07.19
d02t06 Tripping Billies 12:48.03
d02t07 E: American Baby 04:40.03
d02t08 E: Ants Marching 08:36.26

@ with Victor Wooten
- compiled 9/8/2005

14c8f6e99ae88e1c4dce2c586c4cd70d *dmb2005-09-07d01t01.flac
be175a2b3c36d03404f3e520580a160b *dmb2005-09-07d01t02.flac
53392a2b7f8c5903da37150e1a512c9c *dmb2005-09-07d01t03.flac
915243d667af76dd3ea13efc2a0fbc33 *dmb2005-09-07d01t04.flac
685592362d66b53c0f01c568285e5a76 *dmb2005-09-07d01t05.flac
01ad6d42eca432e3fb44c4783e72c156 *dmb2005-09-07d01t06.flac
293e573cf9a85708c3c8f64b9c456427 *dmb2005-09-07d01t07.flac
aa8d45139b7a9dbabe03b1ca0c761583 *dmb2005-09-07d01t08.flac
6a5f2e20cb215eb29987e6212049a0f2 *dmb2005-09-07d01t09.flac
33228a3ce0207afdf1ad92e3dd7ec811 *dmb2005-09-07d01t10.flac

2ef857848e7d45c10939ae6f95c0fa12 *dmb2005-09-07d02t01.flac
cd0849492ab0fc378a44014749bef929 *dmb2005-09-07d02t02.flac
1f5f2addebc3a307c6c45fa4b4ec6619 *dmb2005-09-07d02t03.flac
fc4ba6bc5b87a4eaf9a565a11e05cd66 *dmb2005-09-07d02t04.flac
c0b24aeacf9b3e53f2b26f921eb143f7 *dmb2005-09-07d02t05.flac
2e3810b9349a3dd3854c9fb708a2149d *dmb2005-09-07d02t06.flac
a565e14ff73464de0912a25ae9e425d2 *dmb2005-09-07d02t07.flac
cdc9f39e034e2d53680b20475424dc48 *dmb2005-09-07d02t08.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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