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Joe M.
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*** AntsDownloader F.A.Q. *** (READ ME FOR HELP)

Work-in Progress

Let me start off my saying Welcome to AntsMarching.org if you are new. The site has a lot to offer and hope you enjoy it and join the community.

Your #1 best answer giving friend, after you read this FAQ when you have a question, is the Search Function. Most answers can be found using the search if they pertain to non-current things or events.

If your question was not answered by any of these or any of the topics. Try to search again if you have not. If you still need help don't be afraid to post in the Downloads Forum. This will be ever growing with more Q&A. Any comments can by PMed (Private Messaged) to me.

If you are new to downloading SHNs you will want to read the threads in the Downloading Issues and FAQs Forum.

Make sure you have the most up-to-date version of the AntsDownloader. (current version: 1.3)

Make sure you have read the Antsdownloader F.A.Q. ENTIRELY! (Updated: 4-1) (This talks about the .NET framework, and instructions on how to download among other things.)

If you are getting login errors, such as "invalid id or password", it is normally due to one of two things.

1)Your account is not activated. In order to download you must FULLY activate your account and this is completed with the email verification. If you have not clicked the activation link sent to you via email you will not be able to download.

An activation email was sent to you the day you registered (or changed emails). You need to find that email and click the activation link from within it. If you have lost the email you can have it resent by going to http://www.antsmarching.org/forum/re...o=requestemail

Note, in some cases with hotmail, yahoo, aol, etc. the activation email is moved to a junk folder because it thinks it is junk email. You may have to look in this location.

2) The second option is that you have a special character in your username, such as &. If this is the case please send an email to staff@antsmarching.org so that it can be attended to. Please do not email questions about downloading. Read the FAQs, Search, and post about your problem here.

If you can not login, If you can not get the Antsdownloader to connect, If you can't download the .ANTS file from Tour Central, this is all because 1 of 2 things: The server is offline or the server is extremely busy. Normally it's extremely busy and patience is key.

The server is EXTREMELY busy. Please be patient. For more information about the server load read the Current state of the HTTP Server thread.
Joe M

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