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DMB1994-08-11.Soundboard->Analog(?).shnf (Unknown)

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Hello again not seeing this one in the system anywhere. Thanks and I hope I am doing this correctly!

Dave Matthews Band
328 Performance Hall
Nashville, TN

Source: Soundboard -> Analog (?)

Conversion: T Riemensnyder (
Technics M16 -> Philips cdr-765
Tracking/Editing: EAC v0.9 beta 4 -> Cool Edit Pro v1.2a ->
mkw v0.97 beta 1

Disc One

01. Satellite 05:31.48
02. The Song That Jane Likes 04:48.15
03. Tripping Billies 05:34.22
04. Help Myself 05:25.12
05. Say Goodbye 07:03.37
06. #36 08:58.71
07. Jimi Thing * 09:10.42

Total: 46:43.22

Disc Two

01. Two Step -> 06:03.37
02. Best Of What's Around 07:59.52
03. Dancing Nancies -> 07:15.36
04. Warehouse 08:54.15
05. Recently 11:42.50

Total: 41:57.40

* At the 8:42.076 in Jimi Thing there is a noticeable jump in
the song. This is because Jimi Thing is cut on the source tape
at this point and the last few seconds are on the other tape.
There is a portion of the song missing in bewteen. The two
parts were merged together at this point.

d1t1, d2t1 Fade In - Tape Flip
d1t7, d2t5 Fade Out - Tape Flip

No Digital Source Of This Show Is Known To Exist.

Compiled 03.04.2003

3151fd25235c834c36c7734668cbd4a7 *1994_08_11D1t4.shn
be6ed310241749647f6f7dc69bb28e90 *1994_08_11D1t2.shn
274534a2ef85d2323a315b3e43f6471d *1994_08_11D1t3.shn
ea00240704f1cdb9bd1122815cb90e1b *1994_08_11D1t1.shn
472eccce194ba50dbfc5a1dfaca3caab *1994_08_11D1t5.shn
19b359c638013c9c7efba93513f8687f *1994_08_11D1t6.shn
0da0e4010882d511ff0d978d434bbe58 *1994_08_11D1t7.shn

68b9f866ba869551b87f8b9c3d6937d0 *1994_08_11D2t3.shn
14d980c5a7609796fa91e69bbe65190d *1994_08_11D2t2.shn
85b13d1f3f312d09acc5e075d3d9aed1 *1994_08_11D2t1.shn
ef80f6a34cbda9dbaeace7144dd155e6 *1994_08_11D2t4.shn
61003c665f67a7a1f5a137a5700ed8c9 *1994_08_11D2t5.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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