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D&T2017-02-23.NT5.flac24 (Sergey Dimitrov)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds

Barceló Maya Beach, Riviera Maya, Quintana Roo, Mexico
February 23, 2017

Taped by: Sergey Dimitrov
Feedback: https://www.facebook.com/sergey.dimitrov.de

Note: for unknown reason the left microphone died in the end of Two Step, from there the recording is mono.

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band — http://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/

00. Intro
01. So Damn Lucky
02. One Sweet World
03. Satellite
04. Save Me
05. Crush
06. Samurai Cop
07. Minarets
08. The Stone
09. A Tangled Web We Weave *
10. Virginia in the Rain
11. Lie in Our Graves
12. When the World Ends
13. Eh Hee
14. Pretty Bird ~
15. Grey Street
16. Bismarck
17. Give Up the Goat *
18. Oh
19. Jimi Thing
20. Two Step
21. Encore Break
22. What Would You Say
23. Ants Marching

* Tim solo
~ Hazel Dickens cover

dt2016-02-23_00 Intro.flac:05a9b802420e6fa690210ba93d9c828f
dt2016-02-23_01 So Damn Lucky.flac:24fd87cd8e9eb671d5785534e087626d
dt2016-02-23_02 One Sweet World.flac:51f97e57304b5a883c46e6b4a13d9710
dt2016-02-23_03 Satellite.flac:5b6b3011212efd80aa4d68e1beb9c500
dt2016-02-23_04 Save Me.flac:d82053e4572cfe41b7f483d3d95f1514
dt2016-02-23_05 Crush.flac:80ad5000e8b160c8b5640ac201e5dd99
dt2016-02-23_06 Samurai Cop.flac:43f68d54ba2abee87f7a98bd4e611a95
dt2016-02-23_07 Minarets.flac:2483c7cecb9d63eb561c895b26612146
dt2016-02-23_08 The Stone.flac:e62bdc86e7b556b619ec0856be9528ab
dt2016-02-23_09 A Tangled Web We Weave.flac:ce87d82fc00ac76e127077fe4bf25a72
dt2016-02-23_10 Virginia in the Rain.flac:2c028a451a34bbf61c9dcf5686e18394
dt2016-02-23_11 Lie in Our Graves.flac:290d4702a4bb1f45ca060640c81ac274
dt2016-02-23_12 When the World Ends.flac:6d434c65ab59531e9e69e3216c0b8ff1
dt2016-02-23_13 Eh Hee.flac:778cc141aeff07339a974e9c8a94e066
dt2016-02-23_14 Pretty Bird.flac:d4100633c2bf9f47acf575fe079b79c4
dt2016-02-23_15 Grey Street.flac:65f1649110a4cab4e0c9fcc027d482eb
dt2016-02-23_16 Bismarck.flac:3ceb512fdd01ba9de7a90283b5543a48
dt2016-02-23_17 Give Up the Goat.flac:5b8ce09eecc458048bc8289801dd71e2
dt2016-02-23_18 Oh.flac:3e5510d1550bd2bb233c5c0e72afe006
dt2016-02-23_19 Jimi Thing.flac:7fa5831132d2b154d495aa53cc8bdd78
dt2016-02-23_20 Two Step.flac:ca4acc4d9d9a0d7c77949cf43a259ff3
dt2016-02-23_21 Encore Break.flac:ae388eecca8449b96d462e348956c155
dt2016-02-23_22 What Would You Say.flac:8c16ae1221e2733b31b9a1cd5051c907
dt2016-02-23_23 Ants Marching.flac:4729ba72c3f37b56396f3feb7b1206cd

b15378fb8a9d038da69f2f99370e8abf *dt2017-02-23_00 Intro.mp3
e96f8b7e01aa75d7e61ab083b7f58436 *dt2017-02-23_01 So Damn Lucky.mp3
e010a058abfe6f4f329762cb44201a84 *dt2017-02-23_02 One Sweet World.mp3
2a8a4529d54ae25a8d7b8c3f406440c1 *dt2017-02-23_03 Satellite.mp3
7b1839529462e7d8d8e54293a69a3085 *dt2017-02-23_04 Save Me.mp3
f9c810e9c72792e60557d61dd89b67a0 *dt2017-02-23_05 Crush.mp3
b2a23d359d97cc140b03bf7819a67d44 *dt2017-02-23_06 Samurai Cop.mp3
5e34a7f61f13fe770d83473aedad5b42 *dt2017-02-23_07 Minarets.mp3
182aa735af9c1aa74147122e0d3f60ed *dt2017-02-23_08 The Stone.mp3
5ece8191210c99ee78b18145f824c2ad *dt2017-02-23_09 A Tangled Web We Weave.mp3
ca5c0c7d19082573600cdb47e33582f1 *dt2017-02-23_10 Virginia in the Rain.mp3
f4d675e1b3867d7372423848a7b8b50b *dt2017-02-23_11 Lie in Our Graves.mp3
2ba9377ce88237204694d6bd757debbc *dt2017-02-23_12 When the World Ends.mp3
1ad6f713ef6658af90a712c410116769 *dt2017-02-23_13 Eh Hee.mp3
8dda741f81b846adf5b032296ed59b52 *dt2017-02-23_14 Pretty Bird.mp3
74b69678fc23fbbc31005f84310bae03 *dt2017-02-23_15 Grey Street.mp3
28aac78f25bc0d59dd12c4e50e147f95 *dt2017-02-23_16 Bismarck.mp3
238edf50a75667ade9db31b51214c401 *dt2017-02-23_17 Give Up the Goat.mp3
3b366ada6a7e82f1aea70a08aabfdfb9 *dt2017-02-23_18 Oh.mp3
7fbfa250fe930c38e2d7d2f436b92b08 *dt2017-02-23_19 Jimi Thing.mp3
35de20d6ee5cbca20e61d691593f42a7 *dt2017-02-23_20 Two Step.mp3
b27b7b9587606dc0cdcb4c20e3d238a2 *dt2017-02-23_21 Encore Break.mp3
2afd1b5deaf9b267487c1210bd2b4589 *dt2017-02-23_22 What Would You Say.mp3
f31e0498af37047096b796c39cdcdf59 *dt2017-02-23_23 Ants Marching.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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