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DMB2002-08-10.ak40.shnf (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
Saturday August 10,2002
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, Indiana

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann AK40> Neumann LC-3 Active> Neumann KM100> Lunatec V2 >
Apogee MiniMe > Sony M1

Disk 1
01. intro 02:10
02. Stone 09:04
03. Pig 07:54
04. Grey Street 06:30
05. You Never Know 08:04
06. Rhyme and Reason 06:09
07. Grace is Gone 08:24

Disk 2
01. So Much to Say -> 04:18
02. Anyone Seen the Bridge? -> 01:23
03. Too Much 05:53
04. Bartender 15:53
05. One Sweet World 10:46
06. Fool to Think 04:38

Disc 3
01. Dancing Nancies -> 10:19
02. Warehouse 09:47
03. Loving Wings -> 07:21
04. Where Are You Going 04:36
05. Two Step 22:51
06. (E) Gravegigger (Dave solo) 04:22
07. (E) What You Are 09:04

--entire set w/ Butch Taylor

compiled 8-11-02

5811a303ec21899f3f718829c8302620 *dmb2002-08-10d01t01.shn
cf38cabce7d7ae15e56421a516f7b226 *dmb2002-08-10d01t02.shn
7148b819c3af5494396190c255f6811f *dmb2002-08-10d01t03.shn
cbaa1bb5b4af983c27ba8e9fa3861c6e *dmb2002-08-10d01t04.shn
dc4fa7261fe6287f18369ac6cf2d1ae5 *dmb2002-08-10d01t05.shn
9d48e22b093ff9f4d86913bd2b1ba671 *dmb2002-08-10d01t06.shn
f00c19f4443d070598dcf714e527b44c *dmb2002-08-10d01t07.shn

ddf6c541b1c5eadb3f6ff87a47c7e752 *dmb2002-08-10d02t01.shn
7c4fd160f51a3c6dd879a4388fbd5bcc *dmb2002-08-10d02t02.shn
6b11c721b83c754c74b725f7285150e0 *dmb2002-08-10d02t03.shn
a95f2b867aa899b23a2a585cf0b57b9d *dmb2002-08-10d02t04.shn
48bf2308b4c03f8954d1d2ddf75d0dd2 *dmb2002-08-10d02t05.shn
69fb201a92f379efab431054a4ef49a3 *dmb2002-08-10d02t06.shn

bb14be1018cc4fe426697787bf9168c8 *dmb2002-08-10d03t01.shn
e73baa6f093b8d9a477bf8e48050f8cb *dmb2002-08-10d03t02.shn
2672c725be441253d4b0302922e06ada *dmb2002-08-10d03t03.shn
a530cf4a65c68645c1f82ed5802d8f1a *dmb2002-08-10d03t04.shn
df138df5f4125e83d7b053e2a03f1910 *dmb2002-08-10d03t05.shn
8f65d6a40805109e4b7c19605ac12498 *dmb2002-08-10d03t06.shn
ab6b2cc5b27033715e80c7ea8ca92af5 *dmb2002-08-10d03t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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