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DMB2005-03-27.c1000.shnf (Rob Stahman)

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Hey just throwing this up there post if you want the other ones from this tour.....

Dave Matthews Band
March 27, 2005
State Theatre, Sydney, New South Wales

#41 G1
What Would You Say G1
Satellite G1
Warehouse G1
Crash Into Me G1
Rapunzel G1
Cry Freedom G1
Rhyme and Reason G1
American Baby G1
Jimi Thing G1
Lover Lay Down G1
Drive In Drive Out G1
Two Step G1
Hello Again G1
All Along The Watchtower G1

G1 Butch Taylor

Recorded by Rob Stahman

Seat Location: Stalls Center Left

Technical: DMB -> AKG c1000 -> Sony SBM-1 Bit Mapper -> Sony PCM-1 DAT -> WAV -> SHN

36e9d205a84d42159968c66ba1fce277 *20050327d1t08.shn
cf2db50daefa11ebd7b073084b26bdd4 *20050327d2t01.shn
e6944928bbd5b21026ce6c65bf51dfaa *20050327d2t02.shn
a237fc390b8465f9c2386c50e2e52af1 *20050327d2t03.shn
5becf35c456af90daee0781afbb0f485 *20050327d2t04.shn
be60936b6fc35184f90a49f7d6e982d8 *20050327d2t05.shn
5b80fa4fb86404a2a57f819b019a57d2 *20050327d2t06.shn
835fd826b21955f963c348918755ca0e *20050327d2t07.shn
e1c8eaecf495b70add692ee534bc98d8 *20050327d1t01.shn
3f9c2779cfac7c5d33943bb4d8e63186 *20050327d1t02.shn
00f1033b56987a00a6cb5c31749122a7 *20050327d1t03.shn
0f90b0b7c1be66350c3772a23d7c3345 *20050327d1t04.shn
82adc20129471a2cb3d879e523d1e9c4 *20050327d1t05.shn
ee34c0ba7968ab17cea9a58daeb060e6 *20050327d1t06.shn
eeac80782905cb3ecc27048a61aeed55 *20050327d1t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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