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D&T2017-06-07.AKGCK61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ

Taper: John Gortakowski (GortoTapes@gmail.com)
Location: Sec. 303, Row B, seats 119, 121
Source: AKG CK61 (DINa, ~6í) > Nbob Active Cables > Edirol UA-5 (w Mod) > Sony PCM-M10 (24bit/96kHz)
Conversion: Sony PCM-M10 > Audacity 2.1 (Normalize to -0.03dB; Fade In and Out applied) > CD Wave Editor (tracking) > xACT 2.38 (level 8) > FLAC

******************** DO NOT DISTRIBUTE IN LOSSY FORMATS*********************

******This is a 24 bit file set************
******Not intended for cd**************
******A 16 bit version exists************

01. Intro 01:15.72
02. Dancing Nancies 08:10.25
03. Grace is Gone 04:37.47
04. Recently 06:18.47
05. The Best of Whats Around 06:13.43
06. Iíll Back You Up 04:56.28
07. Grey Street 05:33.29
08. Satellite 05:47.28
09. Bartender 08:49.56
10. If Only 06:49.66
11. Two Step 09:29.33
12. Spoon 06:00.53
13. Corn Bread 05:50.25
14. A Tangled Web We Weave* 04:10.56
15. Death On The High Seas 05:33.65
16. Melissa+ 06:07.08
17. Warehouse 09:43.36
18. Old Dirt Hill (Bring That Beat Back) 05:51.04
19. Rapunzel 06:22.03
20. Stream* 07:21.01
21. The Space Between 04:51.14
22. Funny The Way It Is 06:05.22
23. Donít Drink the Water 07:13.55
24. You and Me 05:17.17
25. Jimi Thing 07:45.09
26. First Encore Break 02:33.68
27. The Song That Jone Likes 03:40.01
28. Crush 08:23.00
29. Second Encore Break 01:59.01
30. Some Devil 04:06.47
31. Crash Into Me 05:57.33

Total: 182:55.17

Thanks to Drews for the tickets!
Allowed to tape at shoulder height, so a little more audience than usual.

* Tim Solo
+ The Allman Brothers Band Cover

compiled by John Gortakowski on 06-23-2017


d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t01.flac:73e9741ac9f1b9f9b017b551dbf32b e9
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t02.flac:55c93d90595fcbf513d58cb4d1559f 8b
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t03.flac:6467b0cd02e70805516e1a9f6f137d 68
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t04.flac:8fd3eb2df56a2218e57e28a683fe0f 41
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t05.flac:576ab0bbf831e458007337b4200c87 69
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t06.flac:9650c799d4c0ca2a1c38231c236280 e6
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t07.flac:655b8069247503042a08ccde6f4b07 1e
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t08.flac:8bb5693239ee6f316ca1fc96fb2a64 8a
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t09.flac:3e88261c24fb4e77773af6c31a3688 f8
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t10.flac:0f2451fc973e0c1faf3faf72902fe1 7e
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t11.flac:02607f380e3c1186130e35e6400f02 81
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t12.flac:a7bcca110a95802a557febe55cc153 b6
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t13.flac:6f73922c2795fd595dbe85bfb3df0d 7d
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t14.flac:e559c77da50ccc891cf78c65ec199c 8d
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t15.flac:e0e0c0a4905f31c6bd34bebc1460ef dc
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t16.flac:0ff4da311c633c69af8b36e0d3bc92 fc
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t17.flac:2ca76b4eaf5ac71c165eaa70d3f929 e4
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t18.flac:3a1be986cbf669a79eb0b78c939b71 bd
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t19.flac:0cccdb9b21a34b595d2e44a08bd76f ed
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t20.flac:92c11bf4c484648e02969ece3c1afb 7f
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t21.flac:1a05fa411ada3c64e8d88c47488c7f b1
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t22.flac:6e644a687d8552311aad9b859c2655 6d
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t23.flac:6a6e27efa91c28ee6186c383611c21 89
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t24.flac:8e663fcfc9709ec9309375ca7d6bd5 9d
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t25.flac:b6f5106f3ed5b239c0b12cbf132017 b7
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t26.flac:f1ab3a6f3068fced7453ed3c57bcaa 62
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t27.flac:bc220577dfb6da180f926a534a222c cb
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t28.flac:0631f4136391d8a3c297f952544e6a 0a
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t29.flac:fc32f5221f8c572b7c5960e217517b 2c
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t30.flac:e68889111fe4de03ceaedf1519d6d2 b5
d+t2017-06-07.akgck61.t31.flac:ce38d788e2acbe542fc4587d826422 7f

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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Re: D&T2017-06-07.AKGCK61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

MODs my apologies... mislabled as a 24 and not 16 as I didn't realize. Feel free to remove/lock and I'll repost or edit.

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Re: D&T2017-06-07.AKGCK61.flac16 (John Gortakowski)

Is the 16 bit version around?
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