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DMB2015-07-07.OktavaMK219.flac16 (Matt Hucul)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 7, 2015
DTE Energy Music Theatre
Clarkston, MI

Taper: Matt Hucul (Carter41)
Source: Oktava MK219 (X/Y @ 17') > Battery Box > iRiver h120 (Rockbox) @ 44.1khz
Location: Section RT2, Row E, Seats 15 and 16
Conversion: iRiver h120 > Adobe Audition (editing) >
CDwave v1.98 > Trader's Little Helper (at level 6)

Track | Name | Time (m:s)
d1t01 Intro 01:15.26
d1t02 Rye Whiskey * 03:23.45
d1t03 The Needle and the Damage Done * 04:07.62
d1t04 Oh % 04:52.26
d1t05 Stay or Leave 04:59.65
d1t06 Tripping Billies 05:51.61
d1t07 The Song That Jane Likes 05:14.69
d1t08 Satellite 05:16.45
d1t09 Old Dirt Hill 09:12.32
d1t10 Recently 08:54.12

Disc 1 Total: 53.08.68

d2t01 Intro 02:03.43
d2t02 Minarets 07:47.69
d2t03 #41 12:23.01
d2t04 Seven 05:35.03
d2t05 Black and Blue Bird 07:49.20
d2t06 What Would You Say ^ 06:40.17
d2t07 Everyday # 09:39.02
d2t08 You Might Die Trying 08:40.07

Disc 2 Total: 60:38.12

d3t01 Digging a Ditch 05:48.70
d3t02 Belly Belly Nice 04:26.41
d3t03 Drunken Soldier # 09:50.17
d3t04 Sledgehammer # 05:49.10
d3t05 Jimi Thing 22:36.16
d3t06 Virginia in the Rain 07:18.64
d3t07 Fuck Me Like a Donkey 04:22.33

Disc 3 Total: 60:12.26

* Dave solo
% Dave and Tim
^ John Popper on harmonica
# Lunch Ladies on some neat backing vocals
- Entire show feat. Rashawn Ross (music director)
- Thanks again to Jay Yee for the tickets over the last decade.
- Disc splits are purely for the sake of tradition.
- Feel free to convert this tape to the lossy format of your choice.
Streaming and video websites have my permission to use this tape as well.
We all know where to get the lossless version of the tape.

Compiled by Matt Hucul ( on 07/08/15

dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t01.flac:c194434d20cbc3d8316585a3123b9e 10
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t02.flac:23e7a6a9b1915d3908edc19c18cd8d 81
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t03.flac:99a0add01775e0c7446068c7bbc861 a4
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t04.flac:93599eb5c70e452e1af8481b93e04d f5
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t05.flac:30e17d2ef3558aea84d7738567bd9f 27
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t06.flac:d2b874d0aef435fbc98b027c64d7ff 42
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t07.flac:d0d88fe8ed868591be6d732d770f95 72
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t08.flac:bdab2fec018262a0231445293ecc73 a1
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t09.flac:7a973de6fb7f5bcc24996c49739f5d c5
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d1t10.flac:e8a277567adf4ab161724820f0e03d 82
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t01.flac:896e37782387e1bdf5181d6e575ded c8
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t02.flac:779c5b657b6452689198ccc5f32b64 b5
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t03.flac:b34b47f3c02909310e6a6d44303396 c4
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t04.flac:be8d0184026e8087d0d4a2b25b7b7d 2c
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t05.flac:e8c244056146493c01ebfaa418be2c a3
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t06.flac:4f0f900b9f859964e1388f46d87aa7 2f
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t07.flac:b69b995b527a2bbc721d0aa428630f cf
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d2t08.flac:4dacac4f2dc64a7e6fa36214d96df1 b1
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t01.flac:055502bdd1b4b2b0e3e72f0e255436 7d
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t02.flac:f963f292bd9bc14be5f2d2c55005f0 ef
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t03.flac:7e8f9fd346683fd61ba16ebd37b2ec 1b
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t04.flac:a6786b3ce26270a9c3439da5cad2d7 b2
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t05.flac:38e63c03acdacb3bf6077e81db6b69 b6
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t06.flac:71919a4def66b40ffd98d7aaa82565 4a
dmb2015-07-07.mk219.d3t07.flac:8179be7dd824ab830e58c9d33e6f48 bd

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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