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DMB2015-06-10.SchoepsMK4V's.flac16 (tbowie(?))

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This includes the faded copy of Billies and the fixed/stereo files. If you downloaded the previous torrent, just point to that directory to get the updated files (set2.t13, ffp and st5 checksum files.)

Dave Matthews band
PNC Bank Arts Center
Holmdel, NJ 6/10/2015

Row F Section 104
Schoeps MK4V's->
Schoeps VMS5U->
Sound Device 744T

Set 1
Take Me To Tomorrow
The Stone
Funny The Way It Is
One Sweet World
You and Me
The Song That Jane Likes
When The World Ends
Typical Situation

set 2
Don't Drink The Water
Why I Am
Proudest Monkey
Belly Belly Nice
Corn Bread
Can't Stop w/Warren
Cortez The Killer w/ Warren
So Much To Say/Bridge/Too Much(fake)
Ants Marching
Tripping Billies

;flac fingerprints generated by xACT 2.36 on 2015-06-12 14:10:54 +0000

dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t01.flac:c41dc1ef032a331fa44b6c1de921 843f
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t02.flac:5101892d783591aa2bea35904df9 1a87
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t03.flac:0aa0eaa5c1362f27e157f4416ad2 35af
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t04.flac:c77bddd8a90493aa0efb5c71c764 62c2
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t05.flac:001f0c98a447f5e70b849111f227 d83f
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t06.flac:d1363a518c7ea5603a904c5964db b1b0
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t07.flac:a300c19d8d2140d03e3e044e10b5 dd69
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t08.flac:e7068f588d5061858b7c1b7849ef 5147
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t09.flac:589e569580d1a79e081b720a3c83 b75f
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t10.flac:df87692b57a884d4101ca76bfa15 b8e3
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set1.t11.flac:3699daa37e323c4e75f351e1f952 19d3
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t01.flac:e30d9a6734273e2cbac33c4dafb3 6053
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t02.flac:774efc8bc7a7592f240db9d85cc4 e294
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t03.flac:5975c5ea9418c0482d536b5721d4 da92
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t04.flac:593c6254594f5d4aa2508aa07e8b db8f
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t05.flac:4c19030a407c88f68e2ae0c2f396 bad1
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t06.flac:8ceb0f7b5c1b409220164dc57a79 512e
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t07.flac:bdd7aab84029c6afe6f75e1243e4 03e1
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t08.flac:aca913ecd1dc66409db26ed205d9 8fc0
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t09.flac:11256ce3b26ec952ad806707d745 9572
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t10.flac:8998e0ae330f94970684b5684f85 f305
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t11.flac:7fc7081df6d44186218b0a3cf2d8 651d
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t12.flac:d21155a7dc64aa29ee9ff22f5ee0 4d91
dmb2015-06-10.mk4v.set2.t13.flac:02b24d84b51c81ed8b1ab521d004 455c

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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