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DMB2015-07-08.ShureBG4.0.flac16 (Scott Plumer)

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Dave Matthews Band
July 8, 2015
Blossom Music Center
Cuyahoga Falls, OH

Source: Shure BG4.0 > Marantz PMD660 > .wav
Location: Sec. 14, Row O (Stage right)
Transfer: PMD660 > USB > Adobe Audition > TLH > FLAC
Recorded, transferred & edited by Scott Plumer

Set 1:
1. Take Me to Tomorrow*
2. Beach Ball*
3. Butterfly*
4. Old Dirt Hill
5. Pay for What You Get
6. Two Step
7. Typical Situation
8. Raven
9. Tripping Billies

Set 2:
1. Granny^
2. Save Me^
3. Rooftop^
4. The Dreaming Tree
5. One Sweet World
6. Dancing Nancies
7. Satellite
8. Crush
9. The Song That Jane Likes
10. Be Yourself^
11. Long Black Veil^
12. You & Me^
13. Shake Me Like a Monkey
14. encore break
15. E: The Space Between
16. All Along The Watchtower

*Dave solo
^With the Lovely Ladies

dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t01.flac:0f0d5d143003787d4981edf676bd14 a0
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t02.flac:93fbaf093a42fc03b44102fdbbc857 9d
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t03.flac:5965cc1a7ae6758c755a8174fabffe e0
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t04.flac:ea2752200a606be7635c82528b7588 d0
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t05.flac:44dff36b60b39ade6b6e99b56c6af0 c0
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t06.flac:cb6454c916592eeb74fe84d6fafbcd d5
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t07.flac:ee38104cb6ab3c94c386dd5ca8f842 40
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t08.flac:a2c9067895cb8895f459f5d77c4ab6 f4
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s1t09.flac:74a301ef76406fd78fe0dd3fa5a2cc 7c
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t01.flac:dc4bd3ba4b1ee9fc93eb4e47387840 8c
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t02.flac:3462759184fdca5345caa65cf9904b 3a
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t03.flac:2a62feecc9cfecf6f17831bad5867c 1a
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t04.flac:97fc2525ccb467c0cf840c655ddc2c fb
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t05.flac:71985137f98ec7ab22ee54b8b4e2ec fc
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t06.flac:b3434966c21c9fb44881a3545750d8 6c
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t07.flac:bbea615f4a3408a09240b77070a23c b4
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t08.flac:7853832d7a09c7a90fc68a85930ae4 40
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t09.flac:0f2257ccfbb13fe0a05949d3ec4068 40
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t10.flac:dbf8581c02c32254de72c890972ab7 4e
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t11.flac:a4dc6734a12266eff7b966dd6ab4c9 da
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t12.flac:8c80fbd5e3baa266206e8c1a66030e f7
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t13.flac:dc2c7215b01eff63d22b34dd04c71c cd
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t14.flac:afacd6ed7b185779de712c401e5ea1 a2
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t15.flac:d7e923fab1456161f0a3b382eac712 4e
dmb2015-07-08.shure.s2t16.flac:97378b8a314fb56470e0152a2e63a7 27

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2015-07-08.ShureBG4.0.flac16 (Scott Plumer)

    I am having problems downloading this show through Utorrent. Please help!
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    Re: DMB2015-07-08.ShureBG4.0.flac16 (Scott Plumer)

    I'm re-seeding now.
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    Re: DMB2015-07-08.ShureBG4.0.flac16 (Scott Plumer)

    Hi there! I am new here! was wondering if somebody can re-seed this show? i was there..would really appreciate it!
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