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Two's a Perfect Number
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Re: First Tat!

Originally Posted by breckbrew View Post
Bnad Marchand, who plays for the Bnuins, is neally bunned up over his tattoo too.

Fixed 678

Originally Posted by JRS1386 View Post
I sort of want the Caps to win because Barbs is awesome
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    Good brother
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    Re: First Tat!

    Since old threads are getting bumped...

    Originally Posted by gocubsgo3822 View Post
    See you in a year stink. This was a really dumb post.
    Originally Posted by dmbetc View Post
    Number of times I've drank out of the Cup: probabaly 20
    Number of times Ovechkin has drank out of the cup: zero
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    Re: First Tat!

    That is a rough tat.
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    heh heh heh
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    Re: First Tat!

    Originally Posted by bspence23 View Post
    Hello fellow Ants, its been a while since I've posted in the forums so I figured I'd share my new tattoo I got today. Its my first and I'm really happy with the way it turned out!
    The circles look like the alien squid language from Arrival.

    How did you know back in 2011?

    "And later I talk to former Presidential candidate Gary Hart and tell him how more Democrats should follow his example -- and leave politics."

    - Stephen Colbert
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    Re: First Tat!

    Don't bunn the day!
    Originally Posted by Hilly View Post
    I'm Hilly and even I think your argument is stupid and flawed.
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    Till We Dance Away
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    Re: First Tat!

    Jake was fucking slaying the OP. Lots of lols in the back read.
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