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DMB2013-08-24.cemc6.flac16 (Tom)

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Dave Matthews Band
August 24th, 2013
Dick's Sporting Goods Park
Commerce City, Colorado

Peluso CEMC6 Cards (FOB - DIN - 11' High - Left Front Corner Of VIP Barricade) > Hi Ho Silvers > Shure FP24 > Schoeps 1/8" CMR > Sony PCM-M10 (Line In - 4) @ 24-Bit/44.1 kHz > Master .WAV

Sony PCM-M10 > USB 2.0 > MacBook Pro > Adobe Audition CS6 (Mastering) > Wave Editor v1.4.6 (iZotope MBIT+) > 16-Bit/44.1 kHz .WAV > Audacity v1.3.12b (Tracking) > xACT v2.21 > FLAC

Recorded & Mastered By:
Cheese Cadet Audio

Disc One
01. You Might Die Trying
02. Seven
03. What Would You Say
04. Save Me
05. Funny The Way It Is
06. If Only
07. Pantala Naga Pampa >
08. Rapunzel
09. Take Me To Tomorrow
10. #41

Disc Two
01. Spaceman >
02. Corn Bread
03. Squirm
04. Crazy Easy
05. Runnin' Down A Dream
06. Crush
07. Song That Jane Likes
08. Jimi Thing >
09. Sexy M.F.

Disc Three
01. Some Devil
02. Drunken Soldier
03. Two Step

dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t01.flac:0bb7d2bf2946b332f4eb031e124039 e9
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t02.flac:09bee2f174bcad88719556d8815506 50
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t03.flac:3db200416860cd542308c18590ae23 9c
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t04.flac:00dc49ba1cdd12caa1355efc9a3cb2 d6
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t05.flac:71af6254d3e9b2c00fee62f8b4dcfc 22
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t06.flac:f81e0a19eb8dba18d6fa93fc5e8d27 64
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t07.flac:7d5bc34175743540262e63fe58a577 d7
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t08.flac:c9fb5d30f6ec0ca4d9bd2950de6126 fb
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t09.flac:3f29d1a5e51946bc8366a9416810da da
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d1t10.flac:4a07dcaf91ea22c44c8f4d587d1fc3 a9
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t01.flac:a3325af5b2cfc067775e54f1f2dfcc a5
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t02.flac:a569b162a7c5677cd7b38b452b175e 26
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t03.flac:274a57550e9bac1bcac2d4cf0a14b1 08
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t04.flac:47e3b7d9b7e1dc5e20fb7c4d76539f e6
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t05.flac:dc682272aca96e113967ddc68c03c1 4b
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t06.flac:36e0bcdbe32bed513cdbce4b4b6e81 41
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t07.flac:3b361c48fe35e668995d7e0b8d14c8 b1
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t08.flac:4ca24622540cef8e6a4b1f512cf93b b3
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d2t09.flac:1d5eb11a856053bc55483533b0ade7 5b
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d3t01.flac:8f7cced94a6fb710aab8061b63a15b 06
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d3t02.flac:d7da045f95e0472e5abf9ccdae48a9 a7
dmb2013-08-24.cemc6.d3t03.flac:b46f0a3161f82a62d53e6aeed02b82 b8
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