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DMB1997-06-10.kmi84.shnf (Felix Digiusto)

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The Dave Matthews Band
June 10, 1997
Jones Beach Amphitheater
Jones Beach, NY

Source? possibly the same geffel rig from the camden show . i'm working on tracking it down. My original copy came from Mark Bonavita, so it might be his, but i can't track him down.

(NOT bill lakenan, as bill's never been to jones beach. this show was seeded once with bill listed as the taper)

Track | Title | M:S:F
d1t01 Two Step 9:37:13
d1t02 Song That Jane Likes 5:05:60
d1t03 #41 8:51:74
d1t04 Say Goodbye 8:21:74
d1t05 Help Myself 5:19:65
d1t06 Crash Into Me 7:17:39
d1t07 Lie In Our Graves* 11:21:12

d2t01 Seek Up*@ 23:18:67
d2t02 Tripping Billies 6:52:11
d2t03 Dancing Nancies 10:42:43
d2t04 Beauty of Wynona 5:42:73
d2t05 Typical Situation 12:12:22

d3t01 Ants Marching 8:17:61
d3t02 So Much to Say 5:29:28
d3t03 Too Much 8:29:64
d3t04 Leave Me Praying 6:58:55
d3t05 Drive In Drive Out 6:40:34

*with Bela Fleck
@ with John Popper

originall compiled by: Allan Chen for DDS seed
DDS - Digital DMB Source

recompiled with updated source info on 12-25-05 by scott brown

decc1a053e9978515d7a234a82963a67 *dmb1997-06-10d1t01.shn
232831760af71b3f78b7c2043b0fd125 *dmb1997-06-10d1t02.shn
a03744d00cf55dce3701b1f941cb3206 *dmb1997-06-10d1t03.shn
b29f7ee3c4aee4b76f61ee0a9900efa5 *dmb1997-06-10d1t04.shn
1cbaeb4295f57c34d0545abf1caf3869 *dmb1997-06-10d1t05.shn
a0b619be044caa00cd3df794cee05420 *dmb1997-06-10d1t06.shn
c113794b8e17f94f33989a5855f25768 *dmb1997-06-10d1t07.shn
cbdb61180ac7ab9912056d8bf32252e8 *dmb1997-06-10d2t01.shn
c65f6be1e1b77fbcd1e2e0ecca60727f *dmb1997-06-10d2t02.shn
81f7a8a1572c8150c42da704a9698f92 *dmb1997-06-10d2t03.shn
889d479dc2a59daff1b4289857dc515e *dmb1997-06-10d2t04.shn
f48a4fb3f403172dfad26ebaf574bdd2 *dmb1997-06-10d2t05.shn
e64b92287dca420f9e1c261280d0121c *dmb1997-06-10d3t05.shn
1f7fe599a5970afc0c83ae305b168eac *dmb1997-06-10d3t02.shn
dde1d22490eacacbe06d7ac22c033658 *dmb1997-06-10d3t03.shn
f130ffa0f3488b34ef1c21d83f6197cb *dmb1997-06-10d3t04.shn
76f9d7b06477603b62e2748578e357c2 *dmb1997-06-10d3t01.shn
Attached Files
File Type: torrent dmb1997-06-10.shnf.torrent (20.2 KB, 0 views) , size: 948.18 mb , seeders: 2 , completed: 97
Name Size
Name Ratio Completed Left Uploaded Up Speed Downloaded Last Announce
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    scott brown
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    Re: DMB1997-06-10.Unknown.shnf (Unknown)

    source on this is most likely

    Source: Neumann kmi84 > Beyer mv100 > Tascam DAP1
    Taper: Felix DeGusto
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    Re: DMB1997-06-10.Unknown.shnf (Unknown)

    Thanks much Scott, I'll get this fixed up.
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    scott brown
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    Re: DMB1997-06-10.kmi84.shnf (Felix DeGusto)

    actually, spelling is Felix Digiusto. my bad
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    Re: DMB1997-06-10.kmi84.shnf (Felix DeGusto)

    how is the sound on this
    camden night 2
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