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DMB2003-08-24.km140.shnf (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
Sunday Aug 24, 2003
Continental Airlines Arena, NJ

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann KM100 > LC3 active cable > KM40 > Sound Devices MP-2 > Audio Magic Presto Cables (xlr) > Apogee Mini Me (usb) > Apple iBook > Sound Studio (16, 44.1)
Conversion: Apple iBook > Sound Studio > Shntools
Location: Section 7 Row G Seats 1,2. Stage Left Stack, aisle seat. Mics 17 feet high.

Disk I

1. Intro
2. Donít Drink the Water
3. Fool To Think
4. Grace Is Gone
5. #41
6. Everyday
7. One Sweet World
8. Bartender
9. Help Myself

Disk II
1. I Did It
2. Crush
3. You Never Know
4. Pay For What You Get
5. When The World Ends
6. Stay
8. Encore Crowd
7. Grey Street
9. What You Are

compiled 8/25/03 12:30am by Craig Willoughby verified checksums:

b931a61eae86616b6e4c49122fa2b1bc *dmb2003-08-24d01t01.shn
f9b80596bd319a609af7acd17ff2fec5 *dmb2003-08-24d01t09.shn
a16e2705ded8e61c4d8bcaeb5360e34d *dmb2003-08-24d01t08.shn
6087d8bf21c5fc67eb1060b526ef6107 *dmb2003-08-24d01t07.shn
b7eea125341239f62f2825e3f22775e8 *dmb2003-08-24d01t06.shn
0099d01ea99c96f2cc8a6063492d3a88 *dmb2003-08-24d01t05.shn
e95f46faeaacee997deb22ac38658c56 *dmb2003-08-24d01t04.shn
c735df0bdc3490a429c68cbd4b345c96 *dmb2003-08-24d01t03.shn
f0bd8da2aaa3a7bc6fa6da40e363c94c *dmb2003-08-24d01t02.shn
b769ee0b75b508ab23e92a065a3e9019 *dmb2003-08-24d02t09.shn
bc711a28cc066bd58d8af72c0a14b0d8 *dmb2003-08-24d02t06.shn
ffc3a70107c7343123cd9b2decd70542 *dmb2003-08-24d02t08.shn
57e2883df831bc1972e7503712d448fb *dmb2003-08-24d02t07.shn
f602fa40665a4eed5adce1f3250f8b22 *dmb2003-08-24d02t01.shn
025a87f55d157c87ce894f3edcc79079 *dmb2003-08-24d02t03.shn
f0667562861086bcc6b8954675f439a4 *dmb2003-08-24d02t05.shn
8ac7cbcfd02302dcaba4cbb3f3fa6695 *dmb2003-08-24d02t04.shn
56e95989f958fd40a98c50cf8b2e4e52 *dmb2003-08-24d02t02.shn
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