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DMB2007-05-27.c1000.flac16 (Rob Stahman)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 27, 2007
Forest National, Brussels, Brussels-Capital Region

Still Water ...> G1
Don't Drink the Water G1 G2
When the World Ends G1 G2
Grey Street G1 G2
Dreamgirl G1 G2
Crash Into Me G1 G2
Jimi Thing G1 G2
The Maker G1 G2
Louisiana Bayou G1 G2
Sister + G1
#41 G1 G2 G3
Satellite G1 G2 G3
Crush G1 G2
Down By the River G1 G2
Stay G1 G2
Ants Marching G1 G2
So Damn Lucky + G1
American Baby Intro G1 G2
Two Step G1 G2

G1 Butch Taylor
G2 Rashawn Ross
G3 Tom Morello

+ Dave Solo.

This is the first show Dave has played a Some Devil release during a full-band show outside of Gravedigger.

Recorded by Rob Stahman (
Source AKG c1000->Sony SBM-1->Sony PCM-M1->Edirol UA-1D->Wave->Encoded by FLAC v1.1.2a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1
Location Section M, 1st row center right front corner of soundboard. Mics ~12, about 18'-20' above floor.

Comments - Personal favorite of the Euro tour. Band sounds great, audience was enthusiastic.
Very good recording (IMHO), occasional audible audience clapping.

dmb20070527d1t01.flac:9bfb083adef5ec9a7fb89d1b11c7 2698
dmb20070527d3t06.flac:a5d8a14e24260125087724403018 e1d5
dmb20070527d3t05.flac:dffbd7ea55d3ad8500659b333fcd 1952
dmb20070527d3t04.flac:ae55eb2be5742bb5eed16ab913df f728
dmb20070527d3t03.flac:6e5c8987fde407d7afeb99555f66 59fc
dmb20070527d3t02.flac:765c920a9ce6ed8d2d7bd1fdd089 5848
dmb20070527d3t01.flac:59055be9651945123d4c5d603153 cdf2
dmb20070527d2t07.flac:5c503442bff2a8457b762f8b0e65 1c98
dmb20070527d2t06.flac:eb2a4aeb0cc6fb29dcc15b4b8a01 f5f2
dmb20070527d2t05.flac:28307f72cf8532674df668695e6f 90e2
dmb20070527d2t04.flac:2c9ddd84e12e74c6fb60854e7d45 c840
dmb20070527d2t03.flac:9b155a5b7be51f1d5d31026e759c 5050
dmb20070527d2t02.flac:80d4d51367fb75fd07bcbacff604 fac0
dmb20070527d2t01.flac:b617dbad043a735b2980c400c2f1 1857
dmb20070527d1t07.flac:c751a1efdc600d5e97e6499134be e76d
dmb20070527d1t06.flac:07d580450aa371a14946b2f36c7a 3c95
dmb20070527d1t05.flac:72d4c9b4c009bcb6f68652dcea67 4911
dmb20070527d1t04.flac:e3693ffa0e14f510b62df3aeb544 8592
dmb20070527d1t03.flac:8addb40fb7ad1a29396988450f58 9d76
dmb20070527d1t02.flac:99b1f2718083fa5dbc1fe22cc04b 2147
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