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DMB1999-05-12.ecm959c.shnf (Jay Holycross)

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Dave Matthews Band
Gund Arena Cleveland Oh.

Taper: Jay Holycross
Source: Sony 959>Sony MZR3
Location: Sec. C110 Row 19 Seat 9
Conversion: Sony MDS-JE 470>Creative Live Driver IR>CDWav Editor>FLAC

Disc 1

02,Tripping Billies
03,One Sweet World
04,Too Much
05,Lover Lay Down
06,Lie In Our Graves

Disc 2

01,Help Myself
03,Dont Drink The Water
04,Long Black Veil
05,Jimi Thing
06,Ants Marching
E:07,Two Step

PS Not that bad sounding, but levels could come down 50%. Don't have ur stereo loud and play one of these!

dmb1999-05-12d1t01sony959.flac:e5883e33f9b95eeb8a6924e2345821 85
dmb1999-05-12d1t02sony959.flac:f752872f0d73f9713a79b090eb771b 89
dmb1999-05-12d1t03sony959.flac:92d03eadb9428831dfcb7082632cbe 18
dmb1999-05-12d1t04sony959.flac:93132b8bf3a519be26f656be596771 58
dmb1999-05-12d1t05sony959.flac:3b0dfa05373e9261f4f377a6bb8da6 21
dmb1999-05-12d1t06sony959.flac:346f21cdb9666a622819108cd70d92 c6
dmb1999-05-12d1t07sony959.flac:cf2b442f3d229d7784d0f1b2c74095 0c
dmb1999-05-12d2t01sony959.flac:bfd51bddb24c70d789966c71630850 6c
dmb1999-05-12d2t02sony959.flac:83a44b3ea7e6aa37644bf4d3a1c511 49
dmb1999-05-12d2t03sony959.flac:9c0291c7fc6e9c3c723f9e1951d9d0 78
dmb1999-05-12d2t04sony959.flac:cd13861e795a0086a6775b04c685fa 48
dmb1999-05-12d2t05sony959.flac:37321800923bd98045bd6bfa6a3e56 b1
dmb1999-05-12d2t06sony959.flac:de9f74f179b83b52b046cceb58c3db 28
dmb1999-05-12d2t07sony959.flac:4f1ee154751b3335fcd67bb1dc4038 a5
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