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DMB2001-07-07.akg480.shnf (Jon Ice)

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Dave Matthews Band
Soldier Field
Chicago, IL

Taper: Jon Ice (
Source: AKG 480/ck61 > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony PCM-M1
Conversion: Tascam DA-30 > Digi Coax > Sek'd Prodif32
SHN: MKW Audio Compression Tool

* Don't Convert to mp3 *
Disc One
01: Intro
02: Grey Street *
03: Pig Tease >
04: So Much To Say * >
05: Anyone Seen The Bridge >
06: Too Much *
07: What You Are *
08: Pig Tease
09: Mother Father *+
10: Satellite *~

Disc Two
01: Angel *+^
02: Pig Tease
03: Sleep To Dream Her * >
04: Grace Is Gone *
05: #41 (Everyday)
06: So Right *
07: Everyday > #36 *+
08: Recently (Some People Do) >
09: Diggin' a Ditch

Disc Three
01: Lie In Our Graves *
02: The Space Between *+
03: Stay *+
04: Encore Break
05: Pig Tease >
06: Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away
07: Ants Marching

* Butch Taylor on keys
+ Tawatha, Cindy & Brenda on vocals
~ Angelique Kidjo on vocals
^ Buddy Guy on guitar

Notes: There are random Pig teases throughout the night. I tracked the one's with
vocals. Thanks to Don Becker for letting me clamp onto his stand.

7754668bd3f26cd2172e1d604beafc8d *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t01.shn
dbac3e4b0a5c094aa270bf63aeff1e6d *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t02.shn
6d31c8037cbba366b2a6bd6255dcb22c *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t03.shn
611e56a0a7d788e1db7c81f613e6e8b7 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t04.shn
1dbc60e772d04b8aee773a642e7cee1b *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t05.shn
8bd8f9519a295a8bbb4190a2544423cc *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t06.shn
4d3ec62ef29112073d6be3d5b286d0dd *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t07.shn
08ff13eae9dfe4083f636eccfb7144b2 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t08.shn
cd65590e2865989f843c12d1b3533e07 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t09.shn
f60e6be3a4fefee1d82aa6a38635ee77 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d1t10.shn
abddc3e52271757f7ac0f40f832d4196 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t05.shn
817a5e1db37f9a43e410c900e00d899d *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t01.shn
86277345824ab23f63d075066c3e0fbb *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t02.shn
7808d4a64f9f232e4e2ba35dc4e05e76 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t03.shn
0ef12354614958f4f2e6406ebb2a67a9 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t04.shn
3a216bac94216e59859e57c3fe58e659 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t06.shn
7cfd9ee21aa85d5c64458ff58493f689 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t07.shn
8e465461624379dd909bd1c9294cfc5f *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t08.shn
56732f177467a314c52a17a2a796ec75 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d2t09.shn
ce1276bf848ed4a41fb6f92951b2df29 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t01.shn
acc89f69157d0b328d2acf80b2cbe69a *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t02.shn
e3bd8ba84bb005b9311ecabbbba4695e *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t03.shn
be2b1c9525c0dfbd8acecbbde2c2a71c *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t04.shn
d04019e30d4512fc713cd1094d55fd7d *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t05.shn
0642861fb90340f602a5edb654c540c1 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t06.shn
5f6e826b5abc2b824e4ee2697c3504e9 *dmb2001-07-07akg480d3t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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