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DMB2000-06-19.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 19, 2000
Polaris Amphitheatre
Columbus, OH

Taper: Casey Morgan
Location: Section A, Row 22, Right Stack
Source: akg480(ck61 caps)>Graham Patten DMIC20>Sony TCD-D8
Transfer: DAT(@16/44kHz)>Tascam DA-20>M-Audio Microtrack II>USB>PC
Conversion: Tom Gambichler-WAV>Sound Forge 8,Fade in & fade out applied, No normalization, L3 Waves Volume Maximizer applied>CD Wav Editor for track splitting>WAV>Flac Frontend,compression @ level 5>Foobar 2000 for tagging

************************************************** *********************
**************DO NOT ENCODE THIS SHOW TO LOSSY FORMATS*****************
****************DO NOT SELL OR DISTRIBUTE FOR PROFIT*******************
************************************************** *********************

Disc 1

01. Intro 00:33
02. Warehouse 09:37
03. What Would You Say 06:13
04. #41 ** 10:20
05. So Much to Say 05:07
06. Dancing Nancies 10:02
07. Sweet Up and Down * 06:35
08. Don't Drink the Water 08:16
09. Typical Situation 14:12
10. Grey Street * 08:43

Total time Disc 1 80:01

Disc 2

11. Lie in Our Graves 14:26
12. Too Much 06:12
13. Bartender 11:24
14. Jimi Thing 15:59
15. Tripping Billies (Nature intro) 06:27

16. Encore Break 06:50


17. Digging a Ditch 04:46
18. Two Step 14:47

Total time Disc 2 + 81:11

* first time played

+ Overburn disc 2 or omit encore break

** significant dropouts on #41 from the DAT, patched in a section of the km140 source with crossfade after WWYS and before SMTS

Notes: Picked up this DAT from taper Casey Morgan in February 2011 on my way to North Carolina. Thanks to Casey for lending me this DAT to convert and circulate into the community.

Compiled by Tom Gambichler on November 7, 2011


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: DMB2000-06-19.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

    First show of the Summer 2000 tour.

    Debuts in this show are:
    Sweet Up and Down
    Grey Street
    and full band debuts for Bartender and Digging a Ditch
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    Re: DMB2000-06-19.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

    I was at this show 6-19-2000 and 6-20-2000 at Polaris Amp in Columbus Ohio. It was the best back to back live shows I have ever been to. The band brought me to tears both nights. The energy in that amplitheater both nights was indescribable. DMB played so hard both nights with some of the best versions of each song I have ever heard. And being present for so many first time played songs was amazing. I would really like to have these shows on cd or figure out how to download them to an iPad if possible. Can anyone help with how to do it? Thanks
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    Re: DMB2000-06-19.akg480.flac16 (Casey Morgan)

    I too went to a couple of shows on this tour. In my opinion, this was the best summer tour in the history of DMB. So many classics mixed in with the last crop of great new songs.

    **Download Utorrent in order to download the torrent files
    **Download Winamp to listen(After downloading winamp, download the shnamp plugin in order to play the .shn files)

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