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DMB2002-05-15.km140.shnf (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 15, 2002
Staples Center
Los Angeles, Ca

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann ak40s > Neumann lc-3 actives > Neumann KM100s > Luntic V2>Sonic AD2K+(NS3)>EMagic 2|6>iBook>Coster.
Location: Floor 3, Row 11, Seat 1,2
Conversion: iBook>Peak LE>Shorten

Disk I
01 Intro
02 Too Much
03 I Did It
04 What Would You Say
05 Busted Sutff
06 You Never Know
07 Warehouse
08 Satellite +
09 What You Are
10 Stone
11 Grace Is Gone

Disk II
01 Everyday
02 When The World Ends
03 Gravediggaz
04 Don't Drink The Water
05 Where Are You Going
06 Ants Marching
07 E:Long Black Vail
08 E:(#40 tease)
09 E:Two Step

entire show w/Butch Taylor
+ w/angelique kidjo
compiled on 5-16-02 1:30 AM

3ba6984a184860360be4f5f3a09e8a91 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t11.shn
1e952f4564c2c5ead7b9a20fc97fbfbe *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t10.shn
6577cff8a3e5cab156e9385cada64841 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t09.shn
c3121c0daf8bf44d8bbd7c597e0fce4e *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t08.shn
2fcbca81b25415cba7c0373cae9974b2 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t07.shn
ccae75a2b88fddc40a66210fff1b6ff8 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t06.shn
2645c58154052804f719f253d70b27bc *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t05.shn
9be86490538641708f95068886d2b4a2 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t04.shn
3bf5bbc61946a1575bc3e6795e0cf125 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t01.shn
2335a7c07a746ff71013eab1605aba42 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t03.shn
e862b660ab9e6eeaa84327c0eb7eb860 *dmb2002-05-15km140d01t02.shn
412685ecbbfc129b9fb87753107b50d6 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t06.shn
79549b69fb489bbd257e77a5a5f93a24 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t05.shn
137149467c2c9c470465d53f1aec82e8 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t01.shn
903fb084c10316911b9904ebea689a11 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t07.shn
2ba51bcd619edea8ec2db5deda7a2dff *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t03.shn
50bf7d48508b37bfa210db8e7d88311f *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t04.shn
38f76c1c9e20126ee54de7a50af246c4 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t09.shn
02f2459ee17af7ca01a5d60cafd0aa01 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t08.shn
2562a51ac644c95cd7864421bc09b5a9 *dmb2002-05-15km140d02t02.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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