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DMB2002-05-21.mk4.shnf (Alex Coluzzi)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 21, 2002
Sacramento Valley Amphitheatre
Marysville, California

Tapers: Alex Coluzzi and Jason Roth
Source: MK4>rmod2k1>SBM-1 Oade Mod (48K)> D8
Location: 11 feet on stand if that, section 1 row 9, seats 19 and 20,

Disc 1
01 Intro 2:21
02 Warehouse 8:51
03 Too Much 5:21
04 Grey Street 6:36
05 When The World Ends 5:31
06 You Never Know 7:46
07 Crush 11:57
08 Fool To Think 4:56
09 Lover Lay Down 7:48
10 The Stone 10:44
11 What You Are 5:47

Disc 2
01 Intro 2:07
02 Where Are You Going 5:09
03 Bartender 13:08
04 What Would You Say 6:22
05 I Did It 4:04
06 If I Had It All 4:58
07 Two Step 19:30
08 Encore 6:18
09 Ain't It Funny How Time Slips Away + 4:28
10 Pantala Naga Pampa > Rapunzel 8:09

+ Dave solo
entire show with Butch Taylor on keys

Compiled on 5-22-02

c5e29e726b10a87aceed8cee21f19ed9 *dmb2002-05-21d1t01.shn
580e97c6f38213277070b0ffece37ea3 *dmb2002-05-21d1t02.shn
d383027489465d38842458fea2bb1112 *dmb2002-05-21d1t03.shn
a6db78993aa7a8846a4e50cba766724f *dmb2002-05-21d1t04.shn
9a61277f90c091d85428f02d258f833e *dmb2002-05-21d1t05.shn
dd0db053a76b74da8a86c13d0f689b42 *dmb2002-05-21d1t06.shn
358da7c0100c01f5f1bf8951a513ab62 *dmb2002-05-21d1t07.shn
7513e2e411fd1933b51eb763b6d0853b *dmb2002-05-21d1t08.shn
72e5d128e5deac008d41db4af51a3bd3 *dmb2002-05-21d1t09.shn
6a24b2569f2237bd8d71a917075687d3 *dmb2002-05-21d1t10.shn
1f03bb59b146ab22234e88f1f00c18cf *dmb2002-05-21d1t11.shn
3c06304526c1ae401ccec7738d2241a0 *dmb2002-05-21d2t01.shn
aa16b3f1d766b8a8c76335499669c418 *dmb2002-05-21d2t02.shn
259cdd2cc14206a46c32cf9e1919db66 *dmb2002-05-21d2t03.shn
fde4e71792b93a12e1df107db88bfc32 *dmb2002-05-21d2t04.shn
15f6cb0576c6722efab0ce61605d0dc8 *dmb2002-05-21d2t05.shn
f4876963866f291ba7f8d7695a9885e7 *dmb2002-05-21d2t06.shn
2545500de120dae8a0cf439df997ff14 *dmb2002-05-21d2t07.shn
8b8368e5e43a6ededb86eab03973446e *dmb2002-05-21d2t08.shn
f17872eee804441fe7b95267f2277bc6 *dmb2002-05-21d2t09.shn
d1f6c57ec13386feff68eb522d6459e9 *dmb2002-05-21d2t10.shn

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