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D&T2003-03-23.dpa4022.shnf (Scott Brown)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
Eisenhower Hall
West Point, NY

Taper: Scott Brown
Source: DPA (B&K) 4022s (in hat) > Sound Devices MP-2 > Sony D100
Orchestra Row B, left stack
DAT > SHN: Tascam DA-20mkii > Emagic EMI 2|6 > Apple PowerBookG4 >
Sound Studio 2.0.7 > shntool 1.2.0-rc1 > shn


Disc 1 58:00.67

01 Intro 01:21.29
02 Two Step 07:40.59
03 So Much To Say 05:42.29
04 When the World Ends * 07:21.31
05 (Fool to Think) 02:08.67
06 Where Are You Going 05:12.61
07 #41 07:21.28
08 Satellite 07:36.16
09 Grace is Gone 04:18.44
10 (Too Much) 01:35.08
11 Drive In Drive Out 07:39.70

Disc 2 51:31.14

01 Bartender 09:30.52
02 Everyday 07:30.52
03 Crush 08:31.71
04 Gravedigger 05:24.09
05 Tim solo 05:36.52
06 Jimi Thing > 05:59.45
07 What Will Become of Me 03:41.43
08 Long Black Veil 04:53.65

Disc 3 54:32.26

01 All Along the Watchtower 06:38.30
02 Tim solo 07:24.44
03 The Stone 14:28.74
04 Lie In Our Graves 08:22.02
05 Ants Marching 07:28.05
06 Dancing Nancies 10:08.21

*Adventure at the end. The Witch with a capital B next to me ratted me out to the MPs for taping (then later asked for a copy, go figure), yet somehow I got out of it because they didn't know I really wasn't allowed to tape. They pulled me aside for 20 seconds and then allowed me back to my seat. Lucky for me these particular MPs were uninformed. The walk, conversation, and walk back are left on the tape because I didn't know what I should do with it. It's kind of amusing.

compiled by scott brown on 3-24-03

401f8e0d44c8dfa7db03c75491bb6025 *d+t2003-03-23d1t01.shn
dd274fe5ffe1bc3ae7717a99af7e3c29 *d+t2003-03-23d1t11.shn
57cf9f8b9ac52dd53c0df5c8db1857fb *d+t2003-03-23d1t08.shn
75bba0803897a2f1034c1613a5c035c0 *d+t2003-03-23d1t02.shn
4d38e202b1aced9f68cf121d4031ed7f *d+t2003-03-23d1t06.shn
1dd3ae9aa97633d8c713ca25b112284c *d+t2003-03-23d1t10.shn
5c7e1aed43d16a7857d40a4b7fb0175c *d+t2003-03-23d1t09.shn
a4125f6690103a9b1af3510a8051a3ad *d+t2003-03-23d1t03.shn
d8287d69d9346a9b30d034543a17e7db *d+t2003-03-23d1t07.shn
19355e9130e21123c11b919b2a23b5cb *d+t2003-03-23d1t04.shn
5f8ea752044f2917e54932ad8c56b09d *d+t2003-03-23d1t05.shn
1ba2f30d0cde504d8f422279abe4eb23 *d+t2003-03-23d2t01.shn
5eb9a99729c5b37cdbaf17ea6ad4abbe *d+t2003-03-23d2t04.shn
340c4ed17f793af3184773b864943007 *d+t2003-03-23d2t06.shn
5d7ed88da7b2f58aff6ccbbeaad13e98 *d+t2003-03-23d2t08.shn
747532b6ed54c613b1c606da5566750b *d+t2003-03-23d2t02.shn
b90b560d9b39acefac55eae632165afd *d+t2003-03-23d2t07.shn
66e9f000252c766ef6140a14d590460d *d+t2003-03-23d2t05.shn
40e10f44e384179db52c81ac7c5b1ed0 *d+t2003-03-23d2t03.shn
60395a7f6dd01beaec8a5ca7cea0249f *d+t2003-03-23d3t01.shn
4d18c2a455afa6ec98da6dbaa7c173f6 *d+t2003-03-23d3t06.shn
b60ef6e3a0b59374128bf18e2386eed6 *d+t2003-03-23d3t05.shn
a43414320735137fc4bee536722ef4a4 *d+t2003-03-23d3t04.shn
2f16cdc489532ec053a1aed1fb0ba20b *d+t2003-03-23d3t02.shn
8778dd02379768706cb80e82671f9ae6 *d+t2003-03-23d3t03.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

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