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D&T2003-04-01.at853.shnf (Jeff Hanna)

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Dave Matthews and Tim Reynolds
April 1, 2003
Rose Arena
Central Michigan University
Mount Pleasant, MI

Taper: Jeff Hanna
Source: AT853, XY-90 @ 15ft. > BattBox (SP-SPSB-3L) >
Oade Mod. Edirol UA-5 (A/D + pre-amp) > Sony TCD-D8
Location: Right Center Floor, Row 4, Seat 8, ~25ft. from right stack

Conversion: Garrett Bastable
DAT > SHN: Seagate CTD8000R-S (DAT2WAV v1.2) > Dell Dimension B1000r >
.wav > CD Wave v1.71 > .shn (mkwACT 0.97 BETA 1)


Track | Title | Time (m:s.f)
Disc -1-
d1t01: Intro % > 01:10.48
d1t02: Bartender ! 13:24.53
d1t03: Tripping Billies 09:27.71
d1t04: Best Of What's Around 07:50.01
d1t05: So Much To Say 06:33.12
d1t06: When The World Ends (extended) 06:03.14
d1t07: Gravedigger 04:45.02
d1t08: Jimi Thing (For What It's Worth) # > 07:09.39
d1t09: What Will Become of Me $ 03:55.50
d1t10: Grace Is Gone 06:37.44

Total: 66:57.34
Disc -2-
d2t01: Grey Street 05:42.01
d2t02: Stay Or Leave 06:09.11
d2t03: Crush 11:27.70
d2t04: The Maker 06:15.26
d2t05: Crash Into Me 06:13.01
d2t06: To Touch Yearning * 06:59.24
d2t07: Proudest Monkey > 05:17.22
d2t08: Satellite 06:18.10
d2t09: The Stone 07:51.45
d2t10: #41 05:56.16

Total: 68:10.01
Disc -3-
d3t01: Lie In Our Graves 09:55.72
d3t02: Help Myself 06:46.73
d3t03: Where Are You Going 04:50.03
d3t04: Kundalini Bonfire * 05:04.48
d3t05: Two Step ^ 20:29.16
d3t06: E: Dancing Nancies > 12:38.61
d3t07: E: Ants Marching 04:57.52

Total: 64:43.25

% - Raised stand from 4ft. > ~15ft. during Intro > Bartender
! - There is a ~4 second drop-out at 02:44 caused by an unknown
source; it was fixed using Sound Forge 6.0
# - Buffalo Springfield cover
$ - The microphone stand became unstable and fell forward after
What Will Become of Me; the problem was quickly fixed
^ - DAT tape flipped right after Two Step; ~60 seconds of crowd noise
was lost during the flip; I used the Sound Forge 6.0 Graphic Fade
process to fade out of the main-set and into the encore
* - Tim solo
- Special thanks to Garrett Bastable for the use of his recording
equipment and to Chris Coleman for the ticket

Compiled by Garrett Bastable on 2003-04-04

e0d74119b628067746b850875dac1e73 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t01.shn
633c9691d6cf98ed2d89cfc8f9564d88 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t02.shn
f5f9739e180a39b12649e4eb6e322e46 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t03.shn
477aaa45a64dc4a2bbb68b6c671e7fd2 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t04.shn
aa8a5aac92674d461725e3853d7ab47d *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t05.shn
a23c8f9451778187798c45c197f4d885 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t06.shn
fd0fe5d8f5479eb1cf1f7443f9ed9036 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t07.shn
958a9abd42887683e0fbc6c745c66b62 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t08.shn
2a364074536aa5c4c9cef0e173edde1d *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t09.shn
140bd77d6faab357dc086e02f08379eb *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d1t10.shn
03211b22ebc22305780bc2f442845770 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t01.shn
cca24c2cf102a8d1fe865e11bd059eb6 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t02.shn
b76553fbc980b6bb90bd7731528137bb *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t03.shn
b6f89552fcb95ac342f2c76703226a83 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t04.shn
99b4f9a582b6c2d131f38b364d2acb09 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t05.shn
8374bc061f3390d99f2f34b95ded4780 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t06.shn
f844adc478a0c95712283e7f6524d617 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t07.shn
b14987b454a6784cbe716dd91c68841d *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t08.shn
012a313a4a3da2828594629f56f78528 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t09.shn
d1a8ae2e2b4a43b2064629f66cb76d80 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d2t10.shn
3b65072939a8e8ec9e3ad5c79f722525 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t01.shn
17494b72e3ef2fa48e0d29b79fbc3c2d *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t02.shn
8dc73f4c7dc20847f560d497e1ec6fa6 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t03.shn
4f0c15e6dc855ee2dd8deef98c953b66 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t04.shn
5889b9cffc799df5c6ecd651f3a5ba5b *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t05.shn
e671375d56c6b32266596af4a161cf9b *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t06.shn
75488c1dccbc7a66fca2677050e8e366 *d+t2003-04-01.at853.d3t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2003-04-01.at853.shnf (Jeff Hanna)

    I am having issues getting this torrent to download. Is everything functional or is this a me issue? Can't wait to re-experience this show. Was great live.
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    Re: D&T2003-04-01.at853.shnf (Jeff Hanna)

    Can someone please seed if you're seeing this. Trying to relive that day
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    Re: D&T2003-04-01.at853.shnf (Jeff Hanna)

    Getting decoding errors on d2t06, d2t08 and d3t01. Is it possible to correct the source?
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