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DMB1998-06-27.mk4.shnf (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band

June 27, 1998


Amsterdam, Holland

Taper: ???

Source: mk4 > Lunatec (FOB)

Conversion: DA-P1 > COAX/TOSLINK converter > Dio2440 >

Cool Edit Pro v1.2a > CDWav > MKWact >

Plextor 12x/8x/32x via Adaptec

Disc #1:

1. Intro 1:07

2. Tripping Billies 6:58

3. Best of What's Around 5:58

4. PNP Intro -> 1:36

5. Pantala Naga Pampa -> 0:40

6. Rapunzel 7:41

7. Two Step 8:58

8. Satellite 5:52

9. Crush 11:54


Total: 50:44

Disc #2:

1. Don't Drink the Water 7:55

2. One Sweet World 9:02

3. Lie In Our Graves 11:55

4. The Stone -> 7:15

5. Drive In Drive Out 7:15


Total: 43:22

Disc #3:

1. True Reflections 6:58

2. Dancing Nancies 9:49

3. Anyone Seen the Bridge? -> 1:24

4. Too Much 9:17


5. The Last Stop 10:05

6. All Along the Watchtower 12:14


Total: 49:47


There was what I believe to be a tape cut in the master

recording after "True Reflections" I faded the end of that

track out while "Dancing Nancies" started up. I think the

first maybe 5 seconds of Nancies is cut.

There was also another cut after Nancies. I fixed it as best

as I could generally the same way. Neither of the cuts that

I made deleted anything but blank space off the DAT.

Compiled by Henry Hart on 4.2.02

de5dcaa4f84335981b40371ada25cf4f *dmb1998-06-27-d101.shn
84dab8b491dc2496447d29cb1be76aff *dmb1998-06-27-d102.shn
226e8fb89f3ebad8d46358ccc28cc233 *dmb1998-06-27-d103.shn
b8cc05c753f5af15cd9c8e8c12f78ad6 *dmb1998-06-27-d104.shn
618935da67ee93b67f3f5daf0572f3f2 *dmb1998-06-27-d105.shn
87c30e194e0f69983b2df588ca8877c3 *dmb1998-06-27-d106.shn
72e6ed6a74451aa15ef822c24495d0e0 *dmb1998-06-27-d107.shn
bcd3563e47fd1d01411e3fd062ee37f1 *dmb1998-06-27-d108.shn
2a89a31db1584f50f57e8052dca904cc *dmb1998-06-27-d109.shn
0d34d9dbe8a0dc16e00074f6e9b86322 *dmb1998-06-27-d2t01.shn
cc5227c3162f0de4bfd95f3cd82f0e81 *dmb1998-06-27-d2t02.shn
0487497f6d824b1a69c4720702b682c1 *dmb1998-06-27-d2t03.shn
bb89ef7ca7ca2b1f31de4945c36f56aa *dmb1998-06-27-d2t04.shn
05b4defeb5489c5445e50b5a85d4c838 *dmb1998-06-27-d2t05.shn
b4fc7c96e31d389f3f849842b82307c4 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t01.shn
bde2a14015875696abffa5a8ef5b8268 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t02.shn
d93ffdea882ca57aee3b977fd788f472 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t03.shn
4af09f1b6accb67af2fcb6bb67d6f135 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t04.shn
360bfc608a33cb1610c9675150977296 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t05.shn
0e42b22c7f3355029766c6f8363f52b3 *dmb1998-06-27-d3t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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