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DMB1993-04-14.dsbd/daud.shnf (Mark Lynn)

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Dave Matthews Band
April 14, 1993
Woodberry Forest School
Orange, VA

Taper: Mark Lynn
Source: SBD->Sony 575 UC HiFi

MSC>DAT:Mark Lynn
Equip: Master Soundboard HIFI->Lucid AD9624->DAT@48KHZ (HiFI playback on
Mitsubishi U53.AES/EBU out of AD into Fostex D5).

CD>SHN: Allan Chen
Equip: Plextor Manager 2000->MKW ACT

Disc 1:

01: So Much To Say (cut)*
02: I'll Back You Up*
03: Two Step*
04: Typical Situations*
05: Dancing Nancies*
06: Intro->
07: Recently
08: Warehouse
09: Seek Up

Disc 2:

01: Ants Marching
02: #36
03: Granny
04: What Would You Say
05: Jimi Thing
06: True Reflections
07: Lie In Our Graves

Disc 3:

01: One Sweet World (instrumental intro)
02: Pay For What You Get
03: Help Myself
04: Tripping Billies
05: Satellite
06: Dancing Nancies^
07: halloween

* = Dave Solo
^ = Played twice in show

compiled by allan chen

NOTE: The 04.14.93 show is actually from The Flood Zone in Richmond, VA.
The following notes were added to the description on Dreaming Tree.

I taped this show on my Sony 575 UC HIFI. It is from the Floodzone Not Woodberry Forest. The correct source is Master Soundboard HIFI->Lucid AD9624->DAT@48KHZ.HiFI playback on Mitsubishi U53.AES/EBU out of AD into Fostex D5). One of the very best versions of Recently and one of the great early versions of Jimi Thing. This was one of the DATs I sent Jeff Travitz in the summer of 2000. I don't know how it was ever labeled Woodberry Forest.

Mark Lynn

d56fcb22d127fd9fbdab35ff113afd15 *dmb1993-04-14d1t01.shn
c829b0c8cc25de21808634f54a4a4b23 *dmb1993-04-14d1t02.shn
2848e50943eea2dc03ea6ba79b33ac9f *dmb1993-04-14d1t03.shn
ae953fd111ba1672cb793388942f0d97 *dmb1993-04-14d1t04.shn
92a8ab909c73da742c20015a3fbf4b4d *dmb1993-04-14d1t05.shn
f6bc2895113ea8c0c22dc5f05ecf3a4b *dmb1993-04-14d1t06.shn
4f06242c3fa4d9e167c57ec20ed0397e *dmb1993-04-14d1t07.shn
2a6d894632a17d819c5b70ddb7a402a9 *dmb1993-04-14d1t08.shn
855ff2bff9a4e1768890fbe2a2290e6f *dmb1993-04-14d1t09.shn
29c7f01da096b488e7d148999afa1c5b *dmb1993-04-14d2t01.shn
76e51d774e61979641b46561a8c1eb27 *dmb1993-04-14d2t02.shn
3f8b0187be58f2b49fe500e7ae6f15f0 *dmb1993-04-14d2t03.shn
99dda56b31b30c46c83ff857238cdebb *dmb1993-04-14d2t04.shn
a2cbc5142b9c33fa15428d69f08641b1 *dmb1993-04-14d2t05.shn
56a2f04cec6c33f7177f05d97e14a840 *dmb1993-04-14d2t06.shn
3e7ac6a9c65b2d95dead7a8bd1cbb601 *dmb1993-04-14d2t07.shn
09ea13a04b9e07d68661a892fa6e2bc2 *dmb1993-04-14d3t01.shn
6e2d99383010f997cf0812032a8e3c8c *dmb1993-04-14d3t02.shn
707f16542628a95081b91feacc5c5269 *dmb1993-04-14d3t03.shn
c9896a05b0b147a5d51683f438662d11 *dmb1993-04-14d3t04.shn
641139acbd6b399cf5f80fbc9daf875c *dmb1993-04-14d3t05.shn
c18fde2243994eebfc63bd2e7d03058b *dmb1993-04-14d3t06.shn
c62bb022d9cb5e2ecf164f3905768de7 *dmb1993-04-14d3t07.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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