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DMB2003-06-20.at853.shnf (Garrett Bastable)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 20, 2003
Six Flags Darien Lake
Performing Arts Center
Darien Center, NY

Taper: Garrett Bastable
Source: AT853, XY-90 @ 17ft. > BattBox (SP-SPSB-3L) >
Oade Mod. Edirol UA-5 (A/D + pre-amp) > Sony TCD-D8
Location: Row 1 (far left isle seat), ~12ft. from left stack

Conversion: Garrett Bastable
DAT > SHN: Seagate CTD8000R-S (DAT2WAV v1.2) > Dell Dimension B1000r >
.wav > CD Wave v1.71 > .shn (mkwACT 0.97 BETA 1)


Track | Title | Time (m:s.f)
Disc -1-
d1t01: Intro > 02:04.36
d1t02: Stay 06:55.13
d1t03: If I Had It All 04:41.60
d1t04: You Never Know 08:53.13
d1t05: #41 11:34.08
d1t06: Pay For What You Get 06:44.55
d1t07: Where Are You Going 13:08.17
d1t08: Kit Kat Jam 07:16.37
d1t09: When The World Ends 04:23.04
d1t10: Cry Freedom 07:48.19

Total: 73:29.37
Disc -2-
d2t01: Last Stop 11:17.57
d2t02: Lover Lay Down > 07:47.59
d2t03: The Stone 09:15.68
d2t04: Jimi Thing 14:36.43
d2t05: Dreaming Tree 10:56.38
d2t06: Tripping Billies 11:37.51
d2t07: E: Grace Is Gone 09:07.04
d2t08: E: Grey Street 05:04.37

Total: 79:43.57

- Entire show w/ Butch Taylor on keys
- Special thanks to Jeff Hanna for helping me w/ the taping and
Jay Stessel for the awesome tickets

Compiled by Garrett Bastable on 2003-06-21

3d33ef375e99d776416bee8e44eb26b6 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t01.shn
6bd6f63436e5416daaa33757705e4571 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t02.shn
46eb4e90b49817aa6d77cf3e951ce2eb *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t03.shn
0727d740b6224b69f5f8bdd2d745833d *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t04.shn
296f628dfdfbd1e4b592641f8dd0107e *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t05.shn
576564310015c29537007e77dd681c55 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t06.shn
75dc39ede75ac9c6422d5981668f6969 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t07.shn
bd69c59cf8cff29069256b21370d5a5c *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t08.shn
b6f8eefea96fdada96e294e5c5f258d9 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t09.shn
12b950cddea225cc71622479303e00f0 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d1t10.shn
3bfb994462ba24b5c445701704b172cf *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t01.shn
492b2568531bd60adb47e6539d5b3dad *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t02.shn
97a01dce66004cf9c49411be7a575e8b *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t03.shn
f1dd664b7992e85d6b24996bc94a13f1 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t04.shn
31b9f035ba6ddbd337c955615ae74981 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t05.shn
87c1b3cd8c9174c8c8484aab9743e521 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t06.shn
3457f7d9a8ff4f05c6f6531a6f07d672 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t07.shn
1b8cc47faac6bf4528fe3dc46ffd81d0 *dmb2003-06-20.at853.d2t08.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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