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DMB2003-09-08.mk4.flac16 (Eric Dahlgren)

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Dave Matthews Band
Tweeter Center
Mansfield, MA
September 8, 2003

Taper: Eric Dahlgren (
Source: Schoeps cmc6/mk4 > Lunatec V2 > RME/Nuendo Multiset >
n-track (24 bit/88.2 kHz)
Location: Sec 2, Row N, Seat 42

Stand at 15'. Mics A-B.

Resampled, tweaked, and dithered in Wavelab.

Disc 1 - 71:46

01. When The World Ends
02. So Much To Say >
03. Anyone Seen the Bridge >
04. What Would You Say
05. Crush
06. Pantala Naga Pampa >
07. Rapunzel
08. Fool To Think
09. Grace Is Gone
10. One Sweet World
11. Help Myself

Disc 2 - 78:56

01. Rhyme & Reason
02. Cry Freedom
03. Dancing Nancies
04. Typical Situation
05. Two Step
--- Encore ---
06. The Stone
07. What You Are

Compiled on September 9, 2003

fe172d2edebfc8e8b9a66fb524d0b935 *dmb2003-09-08d1t01.flac
e98be785a67fe02d4d8061a9f46581ad *dmb2003-09-08d1t02.flac
25d9979b9715d13b761afeab6442a989 *dmb2003-09-08d1t03.flac
a11c05406b8333bb07dbc8c1cdad01de *dmb2003-09-08d1t04.flac
7029aaca92d0c3330d2c0f72718051b3 *dmb2003-09-08d1t05.flac
d68fb021dcf91d3e5af5320ee6dea1a3 *dmb2003-09-08d1t06.flac
4e85033df87f208a99668ee964134a68 *dmb2003-09-08d1t07.flac
457cfac1a0bcacd717b802829867b256 *dmb2003-09-08d1t08.flac
68f51581c0a05f3be234591e02f04101 *dmb2003-09-08d1t09.flac
fef5f63a0c62122b960db39cb11d5321 *dmb2003-09-08d1t10.flac
a002c2a62c79b3cf7aa3c8a917071b46 *dmb2003-09-08d1t11.flac
1278c173502eba62f64864d5db183429 *dmb2003-09-08d2t01.flac
fbb1b402a78056a65e93aa6f091a3ed8 *dmb2003-09-08d2t02.flac
2d74f2c8422a10c618420854b0068c14 *dmb2003-09-08d2t03.flac
6460055e2a005f88980fdea99db13d5b *dmb2003-09-08d2t04.flac
547f284304538c2d401276c3ca6e7783 *dmb2003-09-08d2t05.flac
6bc73ffb876063fb1513c475eb3e7f24 *dmb2003-09-08d2t06.flac
7e6440e4b6a3dc4657463e571bb8f851 *dmb2003-09-08d2t07.flac
e9799f8eb37b4ac8bf85b0ea1bf54b38 *dmb2003-09-08.txt

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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