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DMB2007-05-23.c1000.flac16 (Rob Stahman)

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Dave Matthews Band
May 23, 2007
The Point, Dublin, Ireland

Still Water (Tease) ...> G1
Don't Drink the Water G1 G2
Satellite G1 G2
Hunger for the Great Light G1 G2
When the World Ends G1 G2
Grey Street G1 G2
Louisiana Bayou G1 G2
Sister + G1
Dreamgirl G1 G2
What Would You Say G1 G2
Dancing Nancies G1 G2

The Idea Of You G1 G2
So Much To Say G1 G2
Anyone Seen the Bridge? G1 G2
Too Much G1 G2
Jimi Thing G1 G2
Stay G1 G2
Gravedigger + G1
Everyday ...> G1 G2
Ants Marching G1 G2

G1 Butch Taylor
G2 Rashawn Ross

+ Dave Solo

Recorded by Rob Stahman (
Source AKG c1000->Sony SBM-1->Sony PCM-M1->Edirol UA-1D->Wave->Encoded by FLAC v1.1.2a with FLAC Frontend v1.7.1
Location Block B, 1st row center behind soundboard. Mics taped to rail about 12' above floor (no stands allowed)

Comments - Solid show for the opening night of the Euro tour. Band sounds great, audience was receptive.
Excellent recording (IMHO), with a nice mix of band and audience (no audible screamers).

dmb20070523d1t01.flac:1a0fabe8a9c9876d0600b5d52e69 f8ca
dmb20070523d2t09.flac:a25f20ff35b2a47a9671c4e4acf4 8856
dmb20070523d2t08.flac:b874d9de51681181ea76f0086d80 367f
dmb20070523d2t07.flac:3877ead1bcdf35b421fd28d41e87 47b4
dmb20070523d2t06.flac:26a14dda93a5f31cc6bae3608ea5 8566
dmb20070523d2t05.flac:7d84e065350ac8058623f447dd7b 6737
dmb20070523d2t04.flac:a438fe7095411fcf62bc6778938d 8be9
dmb20070523d2t03.flac:97f401f54248f3090f1ea149ab8c 1137
dmb20070523d2t02.flac:3c93e457c000a02893ff2dd66695 a44f
dmb20070523d2t01.flac:22cbfd14d2c95adf62f3e6a1180e 2b3a
dmb20070523d1t11.flac:b80dc34af7cbe8e034fcfce109cc 9ed6
dmb20070523d1t10.flac:117e69a9c77df9e85ed35dc4f88e b25e
dmb20070523d1t09.flac:5695e00cbd8bdb3cc81ed5e5b02e 97e1
dmb20070523d1t08.flac:5515432c416d028d0dc2a0d7e119 0245
dmb20070523d1t07.flac:517d0b5a2708d56f6ad35499486e f961
dmb20070523d1t06.flac:1cdb6ec61b24a372f8c540ee7515 27a2
dmb20070523d1t05.flac:85b264e255b8e56d47c8b8dee908 7dcb
dmb20070523d1t04.flac:a85219bab9495de2605799524976 817b
dmb20070523d1t03.flac:b99519df21ee4dfd462be0368401 dd11
dmb20070523d1t02.flac:698b40db7ef7420c4fc8840d3825 cc53

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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