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DMB2007-09-19.sm81.flac16 (Gary Burdick)

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Dave Matthews Band
Wednesday, September 19, 2007
Verizon Wireless Amphitheater
Charlotte, NC

***Do not convert to lossy formats like mp3 unless for personal use.***
***Never sell or pay for live recordings.***

Source: Shure SM81s (X/Y) > Marantz PMD660
Location: Section 1 row Q seats 24 & 25 @ ~10ft
Transfer: Marantz PMD660 > USB > .WAV > GoldWave > FLAC (dbpoweramp)
Sector Boundary Errors fixed using Trader's Little Helper
Taped and Transferred by Gary Burdick

01. Intro...
02. A Dream So Real *
03. Two Step *
04. Corn Bread *
05. When The World Ends *
06. Say Goodbye
07. Pig *
08. Dreaming Tree *
09. Eh Hee *
10. Stand Up [For It] *+
11. (Typical Situation) *%
12. Stefan Intro >
13. Crush *
14. Loving Wings *&
15. Where Are You Going
16. Louisiana Bayou *
17. Dancing Nancies *
18. Stay (Wasting Time) *
19. [encore break]
20. American Baby Intro *
21. Stefan Intro >
22. All Along The Watchtower *

Show Notes:
* Rashawn Ross
+ Joe Lawlor
% one chorus, then the 7/8 section to the end
& "I Dream of Jeannie" interpolation
Entire show with Butch Taylor on keys.
(song name) indicates a partial song
> indicates a segue into next song

Some level adjustments during A Dream So Real.

Thanks to Chris Howell for the clamp, to Steve Noel and Dru Willis for their help, and to Louie Rendek for the tickets.
Thanks to Vinny and Steve for the gear.

Compiled 2007-09-21 by Gary Burdick (

dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t01 Intro.flac:4642c3576c3cc953e7ad7050bf150d0d
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t02 A Dream So Real.flac:7f674f27830644e7635c0ca481523b03
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t03 Two Step.flac:35a7d61998638cfedf4ee010b8f315f3
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t04 Cornbread.flac:52bf84b7e06d974b86842da7d26dc89a
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t05 When The World Ends.flac:eb0db95df6d5ea93b75441d7a9fb2cf0
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t06 Say Goodbye.flac:ab8d6e9ea9d858bea3e8e5bf63c81fd1
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t07 Pig.flac:6ae4c99c76333c86b7993377d5dda1d4
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t08 The Dreaming Tree.flac:0d898659c7540698e43f549b1289747f
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t09 Eh Hee.flac:bef8653ade1eba9fa052fd2a0a60e673
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t10 Stand Up.flac:292d37affbfd97a5c056f1fa6c7788cd
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t11 Typical Situation.flac:0c5a78e8a93b6cf4a5a282bfa919c39b
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t12 Stefan Intro.flac:e93a9f2671038bb1577b6f4a194ec6c9
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t13 Crush.flac:f29144207903c1c2ea8e8484b7bc5b0e
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t14 Loving Wings.flac:0bd6558ad7824ca0e4825e36c03ce38a
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t15 Where Are You Going.flac:0e81b4510d7e67c97b3ebe666f0ab5d3
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t16 Louisiana Bayou.flac:ed5295427c368b44abe71a6cd168ec08
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t17 Dancing Nancies.flac:38d1c62318da25c2e61889d257e2155e
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t18 Stay.flac:b3abe49a223b2c61305a9aa71fd5f97a
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t19 Encore Break.flac:7f830200326913e86346aaab1382e90c
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t20 American Baby Intro.flac:fab2de7723ff496fedcc5f2757bacc63
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t21 Stefan Intro.flac:f57e63f26f8b924017936594225deb83
dmb2007-09-19.sm81.t22 Watchtower.flac:a6966cd0aa548e8e17ab3d86584e7a85

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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