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DMB2004-06-17.sr77.flac16 (Joe Shambro)

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Dave Matthews Band
June 17, 2004
UMB Bank Pavilion
Maryland Heights, MO

Taper: Joe Shambro (

Source: Earthworks SR77 > Lunatec V2 > D100
Front row right side, seat 10, mics 17' ORTF

Conversion: D100 > S/PDIF > Digidesign Digi002-R (S/PDIF in) >
ProTools 6.1.2 (slight EQ, compression/limiting) >
Peak 3.2 (track breaks) > MacFlac 2.1


DISC 01:

01. Intro
02. Too Much
03. Granny
04. Intro to >
05. What Would You Say
06. Rhyme & Reason
07. Joy Ride
08. When the World Ends
09. I Did it
10. Warehouse
11. Crazy-Easy
12. Grey Street

DISC 02:

01. Crush
02. Hello Again
03. Drive In Drive Out
04. Grace is Gone
05. Help Myself
06. Pantala Naga Pampa >
07. Rapunzel
08. Sugar Will
09. Stay

- Slight volume shift during Too Much of about 5db.
- All new songs, first time played.

Compiled 6/19/04

dmb2004-06-17d1t03.flac: a605a5394f33055abb5071da859223fd
dmb2004-06-17d2t04.flac: 8eb0323bc6b13e274b89191b47891c1d
dmb2004-06-17d2t02.flac: eab840b3e27cb855da6c96073fdffeb5
dmb2004-06-17d1t08.flac: 02402fbb19a35d13fa11b1753b81a812
dmb2004-06-17d2t06.flac: d11c037e2e17574c017d6d347a20e00f
dmb2004-06-17d2t03.flac: 1f4232ebb895b3f785ecdd467961e8c0
dmb2004-06-17d2t01.flac: dc77c0d0a7bda0ee9a3d485cabe29bf2
dmb2004-06-17d1t09.flac: cfa6670863fe20d59f080477a1ca294b
dmb2004-06-17d1t10.flac: 43dbecaeef030d710999153fa114ce85
dmb2004-06-17d1t11.flac: 1f6fa3bda51448ab816500bbe0ba93b5
dmb2004-06-17d2t07.flac: 5ce512edc8d028fdebb737aa1fdadaf8
dmb2004-06-17d1t02.flac: 9a3c7797c1e39b564d86193873324a59
dmb2004-06-17d2t09.flac: 48e9eda4411efe75a2afc7f51569feee
dmb2004-06-17d1t01.flac: d0b577c47424485b8aa5840635bac229
dmb2004-06-17d2t08.flac: 99fd34d6d30b15a8e452723b459f5381
dmb2004-06-17d2t05.flac: 418633a4b92732bbd3b589c178c4d17a
dmb2004-06-17d1t12.flac: 770d4cf9b16c49662de197e35ab4e43c
dmb2004-06-17d1t05.flac: cc711bb89f9a919bbedffbc78332c770
dmb2004-06-17d1t04.flac: 30b2a6f55927baf9e77fe0c75dd51814
dmb2004-06-17d1t06.flac: 2648b1c6a2e1b6901443ab8a1584077e
dmb2004-06-17d1t07.flac: f576a33b9556e25989100ee614bd7e96

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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