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D&F2006-02-04.mk5.flac16 (Matt McCauley)

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Dave Matthews & Friends
Saturday Feb 4 2006
Caribbean Cruise Getaway
Nassau Bahamas

In response to requests for a 16 bit CD ready format, here is a down sampled version ready to burn your CDs from

Taper: Matt McCauley
Source: Schoeps MK5 set to cardioid > Sound Devices 744T 24/96 > CDWAV (down sampled to 16 bit 44.1 Hz from my original 24/96 source)

LOC 30' back @9'

During Stay or Leave the rain began - Mics were lowered and covered - the pops you hear from that song forward are from the torrential rain that ensued until the band could no longer play after Oh.

01 Bartender *
02 Smooth Rider *
03 Dancing Nancies *
04 Jimi Thing *
05 Too Much *

06 Dodo +
07 Save Me +
08 Stay Or Leave +
09 So Damn Lucky +
10 Gravedigger +
11 Up And Away +
12 Off The Boat +
13 Trouble +
14 Oh +

* Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds
+ Dave Matthews, Tim Reynolds, Trey Anastasio, Ray Paczkowski, Tony Hall, Brady Blade

dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-01-Bartender.flac:8991e3c24cb271218d885f5e74c14f17
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-02-Smooth Rider.flac:67cceb484d403a0e6993e8e3ab9cdba6
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-03-Dancing Nancies.flac:caef077410efc334aca04f50b9d09b5d
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-04-Jimi Thing.flac:92558f66719c8dbab84cbef436e17b2b
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-05-Too Much.flac:fe5323a6426e18aee23843224b791c32
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-06-Dodo.flac:071c1c3605791f90bb6dcbead7c638d9
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-07-Save Me.flac:2b614bbd6a9f904326f9c06e36518a87
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-08-Stay Or Leave.flac:4db0ac60e4ad8bb7fcce8bfd383d13d7
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-09-So Damn Lucky.flac:425667500407036e14c91eadf1129739
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-10-Gravedigger.flac:80fc34410d90fd834042e9ba54bb260e
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-11-Up And Away.flac:15981f4d5d144ca84d2f5aa29a52f43d
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-12-Off The Boat.flac:454c81293ee95d88b7e9d7b35c42893d
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-13-Trouble.flac:19faf5b85a4219e51e1aead477a8fded
dm-2006-02-04.mk5(16 bit 44.1)-14-oh.flac:e164211c5ecba409479f20a3abf82886

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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