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DMB2005-06-29.dpa4011.flac16 (Mark Lynn)

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Alltel Pavilion at Walnut Creek

cd # 1
Donít Drink the Water
American Baby
Hello Again

cd # 2
Hunger For The Great Light
Dream Girl
Louisiana Bayou
Typical Situation
Steady As We Go

cd # 3
Say Goodbye
Smooth Rider
Stand Up
You Might Die Trying
Ants Marching

Front Row,Left Side,Mics around 8 ft:DPA(B&K) 4011s->V2->AD2K->M1

Conversion:Sony R500 ->M Audio Audiophile 2496 ->Soundforge (record/resample) -> CDWAV
(track) ->FLAC.

Recorded and converted by Mark Lynn(

DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd1t01.flac:07b119313e9879fecc9bbd6ef40a7f99
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd1t02.flac:90a0cf6466be66bf8027456e0c974d05
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd1t03.flac:08d45a6ad1eaa89c887fe850e96e0e20
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd1t04.flac:8c4003de137523e4c3abc7b0794f5c0f
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd1t05.flac:b21a42201410099bea58f904c71d95f1
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd2t01.flac:6925a6c4e27aef3e236befb68adab872
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd2t02.flac:09431dbcea201451ccb6797b8e246a40
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd2t03.flac:6d2e965df08740c756d33192757ebd3d
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd2t04.flac:d2074471549a3180394daabc0ccfa0e5
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd2t05.flac:18f31a880c425ad778d62519e3be9c93
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t01.flac:41bf09546d7e6c1808fc5a937bee6d64
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t02.flac:debfa02442edb31267943c8c2a7e9b0d
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t03.flac:be32ce4451edcf0786a4391d84d145aa
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t04.flac:bc9bb7a4184f423bbc113431770fce47
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t05.flac:1d21cfd00d9df6d0bd87398f3346b6e1
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t06.flac:7278a846eb68767d517a5901b774c031
DMB 2005-06-29 4011sd3t07.flac:e16c55aa2aeff9e8d7d49a2afb97b972

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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