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DMB2005-07-27.akg481.shnf (Eric Naylor)

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Dave Matthews Band
Six Flags Darien Lake Performing Arts Center
Darien, NY

Taper: Eric Naylor
Source: AKG 480/ck61 > Lunatec V3 > Tascam DA-P1
Setup: 6th row, house right, 15' stand, A-B mics
Conversion: Tascam DA-20MKII > Audiophile 2496

d1t01 Intro
d1t02 The Stone
d1t03 When the World Ends
d1t04 Louisiana Bayou
d1t05 Crash into Me
d1t06 American Baby Intro >
d1t07 Dream Girl
d1t08 You Might Die Trying
d1t09 What Would You Say
d1t10 Say Goodbye

d2t01 Granny
d2t02 American Baby
d2t03 Out of My Hands
d2t04 Hunger for the Great Light
d2t05 Steady As We Go
d2t06 Two Step
d2t07 E: Tripping Billies
d2t08 E: Everyday

Entire show with Butch Taylor on keys.
Some fireworks from the theme park can be heard sporadically throughout the last third of the show.

Compiled by Eric Naylor

82c1fce7a557d56b655cb9dda9653c0f *dmb2005-07-27-d1t09.shn
b1ca18a94a369f1f8056051eb134752b *dmb2005-07-27-d1t10.shn
3b5aee0aca8dc52108d42431c959cf1b *dmb2005-07-27-d1t01.shn
0d0cbfc3e9c84483b569a734f57068f7 *dmb2005-07-27-d1t02.shn
54d67dccdbe0ac162259b73e74f61619 *dmb2005-07-27-d1t03.shn
f373e04a1f722d3b716893788cf9d667 *dmb2005-07-27-d1t04.shn
be037b5c05f52bff17edb6f6a21f7474 *dmb2005-07-27-d1t05.shn
9bb3fac06ba51425e246d35d05527666 *dmb2005-07-27-d1t06.shn
e08bd077336644d62b0baab583c49c2a *dmb2005-07-27-d1t07.shn
86ea60e823f2d3903a734364b91d01cb *dmb2005-07-27-d1t08.shn
e9693c2579d1b5671d2131a59c90af26 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t07.shn
8b03fa58fbd7be114215b147ff356a04 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t08.shn
16bc6126b1243acc506d8687b64b78fc *dmb2005-07-27-d2t01.shn
d1df53c37c3c6c908ceb89a8ab823d12 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t02.shn
1d0c18e3be2eeb97c748242270680a5d *dmb2005-07-27-d2t03.shn
51c72ca0c25c36fd9250cab40e68b046 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t04.shn
4aec612b447e6f48b03b0019907d6ff7 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t05.shn
348a90d9badfe2c1602bc496f9bebba5 *dmb2005-07-27-d2t06.shn

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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