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DMB2005-08-25.km140.flac16 (Craig Willoughby)

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Dave Matthews Band
Thursday August 25, 2005
Coors Amphitheatre
Chula Vista, CA

Taper: Craig Willoughby
Source: Neumann KM100 > LC3 active cable > KM40 > Sound Devices 722 (24/96k)
Conversion: cdwave> wavelab 5.0.1 (dither to 16/44.1 apogee uv22 hf)>flac front end
Location: Section: ORCHR Row A Seats 1,2. Stage Left Stack. Mics at variable height

Disk I

1. Intro
2. Pantala Naga Pampa
3. Rapunzel
4. One Sweet World
5. Stand Up
6. Dream Girl
7. Hunger For The Great Light
8. Say Goodbye
9. Grey Street
10.American Baby Intro

Disk II
1.American Baby
4. (Norwegian Wood) ]
5. Steady As We Go
6. Louisiana Bayou
7. What Would You Say
8. Tripping Billies
9. Crowd
10. You Might Die Trying
11. What You Are

compiled 8/26/05 4:00pm by Craig Willoughby

8ee564cbddf47cc5bb7c83ee600ef3c9 *dmb2005-08-25d1t01.flac
5932a77a18d37aa2b9d968c32d87f418 *dmb2005-08-25d1t02.flac
e3af5cbe1f8567c57538f2b90b88a8ec *dmb2005-08-25d1t03.flac
972bba1291e395d3d73cd6a0e4848442 *dmb2005-08-25d1t04.flac
e3cfa38e3b9e2368979d4f2b6930a2ef *dmb2005-08-25d1t05.flac
2090aa28dbc2d1d92d38081b2d8eaaf6 *dmb2005-08-25d1t06.flac
0093b8efa44cbc40dfee32fd03e5ec62 *dmb2005-08-25d1t07.flac
09a9e21ebfb2c6d0e84fd3a7df321393 *dmb2005-08-25d1t08.flac
e8be2a5db2a357046986cc991f4fc551 *dmb2005-08-25d1t09.flac
943cce485be97ad9d21762cfc13311a8 *dmb2005-08-25d1t10.flac
1f7ae486d8ecf238db2b438baaacbe2c *dmb2005-08-25d2t01.flac
38fc0d0e5f3d2d729b30d1dd657acb5e *dmb2005-08-25d2t02.flac
42ddf112e63f44c6c2b1e65ecd96b886 *dmb2005-08-25d2t03.flac
80eeedb9d67a829a23cb10ddc95136ad *dmb2005-08-25d2t04.flac
3c023a87d98798bee1d271987043c5ed *dmb2005-08-25d2t05.flac
ee72441a68fc323a511d08c147c87b10 *dmb2005-08-25d2t06.flac
83f0f740e74a77cba0dfda6e3aed0aad *dmb2005-08-25d2t07.flac
0a679764ffc8f437062fbe01a7ce2f43 *dmb2005-08-25d2t08.flac
3492b31a86cd37c5e07614971c666c1b *dmb2005-08-25d2t09.flac
0c06e23550490b3a5d45e5cef609ede4 *dmb2005-08-25d2t10.flac
1aee39c6c8763279df40fb4495159b6f *dmb2005-08-25d2t11.flac

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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