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DMB2005-12-03.akg483.flac16 (Crumbo)

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Dave Matthews Band
Joe Louis Arena
Detroit, MI
December 3, 2005

Taper: Crumbo
Location: Section F1, Row 5, Seats 1 & 2
Source: AKG 480/ck63 (ORTF, ~7.5')>Opti-Mod V3>JB3
Conversion: JB3>Firewire>WaveLab 5.0>CDWav 1.94.3>FLAC Frontend 1.7.1 (Level 8)


Disc 1: 64:03.47

01. Intro
02. Donít Burn The Pig @
03. Best of Whats Around
04. Stand Up $
05. Dream Girl>
06. Two Step
07. Lover Lay Down

Disc 2: 54:42.63

01. Hunger For The Great Light *
02. Dancing Nancies> *
03. Warehouse *
04. Linus And Lucy>
05. Steady As We Go *
06. Too Much *+
07. Smooth Rider *+

Disc 3: 56:02.27

01. Jimi Thing *
02. Stay *
03. Encore Break
04. Christmas Song
05. (Dreaming Tree)
06. Old Dirt Hill
07. What Would You Say


-Apparently we were in the way of the cameras and it was too late to move, so we had to run the stand low.
@ Level adjustments throughout the song
$ Feedback at the 00:04-00:05 mark
* Rashawn Ross
+ Eric Krasno
-Thanks to Jay for the tix, whoever traded seats with us (sorry, forgot your names) and Brian for all the help.

Compiled by Crumbo 12-06-2005.

dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t01.flac:218f87d5ffaedd806d4f352b69 6984d3
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t02.flac:1f4a22d3833d5d452cdb09b42f 40bfcf
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t03.flac:4110a2002329fce8b82ac16242 404218
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t04.flac:0532576bcb1dbb0c6f44951505 5bb938
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t05.flac:ed40cecd523a5eb527ebcc0eb4 f9c6fc
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t06.flac:63e040f1c0623b8e4e311a4988 d23dcb
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d1t07.flac:c9f6075c9722ad8fbd928123ed 7c3068
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t01.flac:bc6e15c32892fc6ed338fb1ce1 9a4046
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t02.flac:0078f6ae4203d7cbef69733de2 eada41
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t03.flac:de9d687328f51980173a1a949f 1d80e1
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t04.flac:ae6eb34ed6cac0f78ea968da77 e2874a
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t05.flac:d806308b5ea7a9284e642e3520 95a79b
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t06.flac:87ca5f7f24a11f613916003367 2da333
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d2t07.flac:643859d817caa25afa2c5741e5 c8d616
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t01.flac:d2024903defe0844f4e8faaa15 89f8ec
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t02.flac:c4a279cb4d3dbf8c3533e7eb59 89ca53
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t03.flac:58d7836947bab11f4a7fb3761d d929b9
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t04.flac:921893f5131a07945b60af7ddc 18a7ed
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t05.flac:e5115324caa35c290e96784d74 1ce6fd
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t06.flac:71254f175a41877cadc07ee90e b119c4
dmb2005-12-03.akg483.v3.d3t07.flac:27d6b7b47137d14e28814b46ce be64ef

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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