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DMB1994-10-20.asbd.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
October 20, 1994
328 Performance Hall
Nashville, TN

Source: Soundboard -> Analog (?)

Conversion: T Riemensnyder (
Technics M16 -> Philips cdr-765
Tracking/Editing: EAC v0.9 beta 4 -> Cool Edit Pro v1.2a ->
CD WAV v1.71 -> mkw v0.97 beta 1

Reconversion: SHN>Shntool to check and fix SBE's>Addawav>Soundforge 8>CdWav Editor to resplit tracks>Flac Frontend at Level 5

Disc one

01. Seek Up * 12:44
02. Dancing Nancies -> 08:49
03. Warehouse 09:46
04. Get In Line 05:42
05. The Song That Jane Likes 05:50
06. The Best of What's Around 06:14
07. Rhyme & Reason 06:07
08. Cry Freedom 06:44

Total 62:03

Disc Two

01. What Would You Say 05:08
02. Jimi Thing 12:01
03. Granny 05:56
04. #36 09:02
05. Ants Marching 07:43
06. Recently 09:35

Encore +
07. Intro 00:31
08. Tripping Billies 05:06
09. All Along The Watchtower * 08:56

Total 64:03


* Taper started recording right at the beginning of
Seek Up, fades in at that point.
+ Encore break edited out on source, fade out/in added.

Compiled 05.27.03

* Watchtower has what sounds like fireworks at 6:18

Reconversion notes:
Per Louie Rendek this source had sector boundary errors(SBE's)which caused gaps in between tracks d1t01, d1t05,d2t03 & t04, d2t06 & t07 and d2t09 and therefore the original source was not added to the database.
Using Soundforge 8, first reviewed the entire wav file for problems and found the left channel on Seek Up for first 3:24 about 18db lower than the right so I adjusted the volume to pull even with the right channel. Then reviewed in between all tracks for any missing audio and found none since the shntool fixed all previous gaps. Resplit the tracks in CdWav Editor and created Flac files and fingerprints.

Errors fixed:
BOWA was cut off after the end, either the recorder shut off or perhaps it was a tape flip. Recording resumes with Dave announcing the recent release of UTTAD prior to the start of R&R. Applied a crossfade for continuity.

Thanks to Louie for showing me how to use Shntool to run a check for and fix the SBE's.

Recompiled and reconverted by Tom Gambichler on January 16, 2010

dmb1994-10-20d1t01.fixed.flac:f334812ca8ab32679b6ff7c0c5590ee 6
dmb1994-10-20d1t02.fixed.flac:449ade8407a4dedf03851b68ee33e22 e
dmb1994-10-20d1t03.fixed.flac:22ec53614a3eafef177017bb1a2b83a 4
dmb1994-10-20d1t04.fixed.flac:bc2e5c4e9096f22f0967689b22710d6 e
dmb1994-10-20d1t05.fixed.flac:2d8073bbdf96934aadf63cf371afaa0 8
dmb1994-10-20d1t06.fixed.flac:5a5fd9bd5041860929245e7eedc7c9d 4
dmb1994-10-20d1t07.fixed.flac:37ec2df39f7b2b207b845b1de96912e 3
dmb1994-10-20d1t08.fixed.flac:cf047072b79782c376bba9cf1095145 3
dmb1994-10-20d2t01.fixed.flac:1ff4e49e2f48e47b1ec1403b921d655 3
dmb1994-10-20d2t02.fixed.flac:1decdc9d791639da7a90f37a23fa6ce 1
dmb1994-10-20d2t03.fixed.flac:4643da7234b4e44d914dce3ee7c1f5b 3
dmb1994-10-20d2t04.fixed.flac:168b05e1ea8a456f6a50779e21c1755 f
dmb1994-10-20d2t05.fixed.flac:7a74a28d76df70c20f4b654f969c149 9
dmb1994-10-20d2t06.fixed.flac:e6652140cfb74d39510984da39d29ad 7
dmb1994-10-20d2t07.fixed.flac:ae43211ee8dcc0b98eca812ef8c6aa4 a
dmb1994-10-20d2t08.fixed.flac:1c3aa05da601f13d36eec3adf0a795f 5
dmb1994-10-20d2t09.fixed.flac:b2a837ffb9965380d3709b30d02025b d

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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