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DMB1993-04-01.ASBD.flac16 (Unknown)

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Dave Matthews Band
April 1, 1993
He's Not Here
Chapel Hill, NC

Source: sbd > ??? > minidisc (LP2)
Transfer: Sony MDS-JE510 (optical out) > Zoltrix Pro 6 (optical in) > SoundForge 7.0b > wav
Editing/Tracking: SoundForge 7.0b / CDWav 1.93.1
Conversion: wav > SHNTool > mkwAct > SHN (seek tables appended)

Disc 1 (66:49.36)
01 - Intro 00:31.57
02 - Jimi Thing 11:29.32
03 - Ants Marching 04:41.74
04 - Two Step 04:01.46
05 - Warehouse 06:32.57
06 - So Much To Say 04:46.02
07 - Tripping Billies 04:57.31
08 - Rhyme & Reason 12:10.47
09 - Satellite 06:11.13
10 - Dangerous Hours (Help Myself) 04:53.63
11 - True Reflections 06:32.64

Disc 2 (56:36.05)
01 - Intro 00:46.25
02 - Dancing Nancies 09:22.46
03 - Lie In Our Graves 08:47.32
04 - Intro to > 03:00.15
05 - One Sweet World 05:24.42
06 - Granny 05:20.57
07 - Best of What's Around 06:20.02
08 - All Along The Watchtower 07:44.58
09 - Recently 09:49.28

- He's Not Here is a bar in Chapel Hill, NC
- Two Step (d1t04) cuts at the end and the beginning of Warehouse (d1t05) cuts in.
- There is a 1 second cut toward the end of Tripping Billies (d1t07) at the 04:47 mark.
- The show is 2 sets (disc 1 and disc 2).

Jason Silverstein gave this show to Sharon Bergamo in October of 2004 (special thanks to Wayne Teeger who made the connection!). It was a single minidisc labeled "He's Not Here, Dave Matthews Band, 4/1/93." She sent the minidisc to Ken Mininger for digital conversion. This show is previously uncirculated. Jason was at this show and can verify the date and location. The following are notes from Jason sent to Sharon and Ken:

"What I can tell you is more personal. The He's Not Here show was personally paid for by my old fraternity, Pi Kappa Alpha, as an April Fool's Day bash. I was pledging at the time, so I had to help the band set up and break down the equipment. They had this old white van we packed with their own amps. I remember Boyd and I struggled with one piece - he wasn't as 'fit' then. The guys were very laidback, and you can hear several of them screaming song names between songs during the sets. Funny stuff, at least to me because I know who is saying what."

"There's another show as well from "Fraternity Court," which actually happened the week prior and was paid for by all the fraternities in the court (including ours). We had about 20 real big band devotees in the house (including me), so booking them was pretty easy. The funny thing is we paid $3,500 for them at He's Not Here and we thought that would be the last time we could afford them. We were right."

The "Fraternity Court" show referenced is the 3/20/93 show (also given to Sharon on minidisc and converted by Ken). This show is currently in circulation but with a different setlist order. The minidisc version has no cuts or breaks and is believed to be the proper setlist order. In this show, Dave mentions the upcoming 4/1/93 show at He's Not Here.

Compiled on October 20, 2004 by Ken Mininger and Sharon Bergamo.


Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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