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D&T2017-03-26.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

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Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds

AFAS live, Amsterdam, Netherlands
March 26, 2017

Taped by: Sergey Dimitrov
Feedback: https://www.facebook.com/sergey.dimitrov.de
A big Thank You to the DMB sound crew!
A big Shame On You to all yellers that came from the U.S.! Respect the musicians and the people around you that came to listen to the music!

*** Distribute only the original, unchanged set of files provided in a community style - no direct downloads!
*** Do not stream, remaster and distribute, embed in online videos the provided files without my explicit permission!
*** For non-commercial use only! Support Dave Matthews Band — http://davematthewsband.shop.musictoday.com/

00 Intro
01 Little Thing
02 Warehouse
03 Grey Street
04 When the World Ends
05 Minarets
06 Pretty Bird
07 #41
08 Cupid's Pointy Arrow *
09 Death on the High Seas
10 Tripping Billies
11 Crush
12 Set Break
13 Bartender
14 Snow Outside
15 Satellite
16 Worried Man Blues
17 You Might Die Trying
18 Manfood *
19 Virginia in the Rain
20 The Stone
21 Crash into Me
22 Recently
23 Samurai Cop
24 All Along the Watchtower
25 Some Devil ~
26 So Much to Say
27 Rapunzel
28 Granny

* Tim solo
~ Dave solo

dt2017-03-26_00 Intro.flac:a467f4b1c7a171756f2c848105783cb7
dt2017-03-26_01 Little Thing.flac:d52f298780c7a6ae1ca219796c4199a4
dt2017-03-26_02 Warehouse.flac:4531af6ab8d7a3f481acb74683e0a0aa
dt2017-03-26_03 Grey Street.flac:16dd4a4d3674da5cc2c8c98c86f8cb8a
dt2017-03-26_04 When the World Ends.flac:d98bb90e87f7a0fdb59c0b13e3e0b3d8
dt2017-03-26_05 Minarets.flac:e2a403a9aa756c61fcd08835adbef60e
dt2017-03-26_06 Pretty Bird.flac:4c813356fa65527636035e5174ed7c26
dt2017-03-26_07 #41.flac:1156c2931fee9f5f3b14241e3e222af0
dt2017-03-26_08 Cupid's Pointy Arrow.flac:fa7555c978fd644ef48ed9118ccd70c3
dt2017-03-26_09 Death on the High Seas.flac:3d59998c0f013b3cc41112bf41a76328
dt2017-03-26_10 Tripping Billies.flac:0b428827ac84083c3a8ad6d7ef562d3b
dt2017-03-26_11 Crush.flac:311bfd1b02974be295809b0f4bf239f2
dt2017-03-26_12 Set break.flac:cd111556beed2ae2fdd86b23448de9d3
dt2017-03-26_13 Bartender.flac:76029aec3a81a43d7ef0b22df32d63f7
dt2017-03-26_14 Snow Outside.flac:b7aabcbaff3c534676ed0369636173f7
dt2017-03-26_15 Satellite.flac:6e65f6994310812d3d9aa49edfddb200
dt2017-03-26_16 Worried Man Blues.flac:05f80c3f738add84788d4e94a139b48b
dt2017-03-26_17 You Might Die Trying.flac:2a0d25c0b9cced7cdf43b081b376f31f
dt2017-03-26_18 Manfood.flac:8a5df67d19665416f05a1ff8ba32e08f
dt2017-03-26_19 Virginia in the Rain.flac:f0616ea82397b9d20046f5cf07787c15
dt2017-03-26_20 The Stone.flac:1c97bf579c8d84f7802f6223c5703707
dt2017-03-26_21 Crash into Me.flac:66ca66517fe1da6d34d135b0997e606a
dt2017-03-26_22 Recently.flac:1436b7595d4f34355901dbac1660a5e2
dt2017-03-26_23 Samurai Cop.flac:682928d193099016bbd5fef5da5fbf76
dt2017-03-26_24 All Along the Watchtower.flac:64a29fae1dacfe4e15d59be68f9264ac
dt2017-03-26_25 Some Devil.flac:41d1997b8639eb8c4d1899a4193f88d0
dt2017-03-26_26 So Much to Say.flac:a45aa5cac5b7fa06713eedf1d791f4e0
dt2017-03-26_27 Rapunzel.flac:790b80156da31c9154d25786cc9b9152
dt2017-03-26_28 Granny.flac:905c7f9890a68729889e974b580002b3

cb8286ba4d56c5624b705ec37976eaf3 *dt2017-03-26_00 Intro.mp3
3d460b716f4e7187a44fdfb0bdbecd83 *dt2017-03-26_01 Little Thing.mp3
44874bccb67b032fc3a04800abadcab3 *dt2017-03-26_02 Warehouse.mp3
869727e6758aea929cab7e1edc6ada54 *dt2017-03-26_03 Grey Street.mp3
13f6eefd086e14a18444ddf8fb9410d2 *dt2017-03-26_04 When the World Ends.mp3
2ed08a7e0b284aef235e1bf2a242a64f *dt2017-03-26_05 Minarets.mp3
4b4407ae22339727299679310294987b *dt2017-03-26_06 Pretty Bird.mp3
399dd2f991f1ed6c32891b856c9ed8f3 *dt2017-03-26_07 #41.mp3
328e048dec555f37f430027b14ff5764 *dt2017-03-26_08 Cupid's Pointy Arrow.mp3
a714a398a8d384226c1d1b52c3a28ae0 *dt2017-03-26_09 Death on the High Seas.mp3
6805308f4da1d5668ebdd92147874901 *dt2017-03-26_10 Tripping Billies.mp3
ee43687113a4450b382933a9194c351d *dt2017-03-26_11 Crush.mp3
4066739ff3601732512f3078729a941b *dt2017-03-26_12 Set break.mp3
df66bb61af68a56eca82947603f298ef *dt2017-03-26_13 Bartender.mp3
2343f561864a8d106f6fda561d336612 *dt2017-03-26_14 Snow Outside.mp3
f88e7ad1d4fdfc20f9764c610561811b *dt2017-03-26_15 Satellite.mp3
993f10f9f23ba2f3c0afda615038eda3 *dt2017-03-26_16 Worried Man Blues.mp3
594ed4f82c4aa7e05b9623d3ba68ffc9 *dt2017-03-26_17 You Might Die Trying.mp3
f0a9cea952d5b53d352c685d82017cb6 *dt2017-03-26_18 Manfood.mp3
65806a85924b28ad22dca1050b222202 *dt2017-03-26_19 Virginia in the Rain.mp3
69e9e466c7969dc3b483b6a51fe2fca0 *dt2017-03-26_20 The Stone.mp3
6a17e1e59e5a2bcbae6e698c8077e753 *dt2017-03-26_21 Crash into Me.mp3
6af4de53f02270b2df87500973de4502 *dt2017-03-26_22 Recently.mp3
1820e6b772a9e4e98ec1525e8e3b6982 *dt2017-03-26_23 Samurai Cop.mp3
605a34ff4eab1b5f51d1fe3f0eab0ee5 *dt2017-03-26_24 All Along the Watchtower.mp3
9487bf0411700e1e9e97743691041c50 *dt2017-03-26_25 Some Devil.mp3
3c4bb0dbd10d4f562313e1ac371d2fcc *dt2017-03-26_26 So Much to Say.mp3
2a8e440b9b7d0216bd8a1d4e9c31bc98 *dt2017-03-26_27 Rapunzel.mp3
2e6aabcc1aa7582137e845b26797485c *dt2017-03-26_28 Granny.mp3

Need help downloading? Watch the video below:

Download here:
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    Re: D&T2017-03-26.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

    Thank you!!!
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    Re: D&T2017-03-26.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

    Please seed!
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    Re: D&T2017-03-26.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

    Seeding... enjoy
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    Re: D&T2017-03-26.srg.flac16 (Sergey Dimitrov)

    Thank you so much !!!
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